Artica Mini Candle

Aroma: Artica is for any candle rebels who stray away from classic fruity and warm scents! Crisp and clean, Artica’s scent will truly bring the individual much needed clarity! 


Our custom mini intention candles are infused with reiki healing and crystals to double the power of your intention ✨

We realize that all intentions are unique which is why are candles are made custom, to match your energy and desires 💫

Product info:

Our Mini Crystal Intention Candles are infused with all natural ethically sourced organic oils and an array of crystals. 

All of our candles are Phthalate free and totally vegan,  so every investment you make not only leads to a healthier you but a healthier earth 💚

Intention setting: 

Think of a goal you have your sights set on,  a raise, true love, an environment change. Write this goal out with little specifications as possible 

Ex of specifications: I want to find love but he must be exactly 6’5 and a half.

After you’ve done this, lay your written intention under your candle.

Light, let go and trust in the universe ✨.
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