Kundalini Chakra Pendant

Kundalini Chakra Pendant

It has seven stones that help one to connect and open chakras' free flow of energy. Open chakras reduce the possibility of both mental and physical suffering.


Some of the high vibration pieces of chakra healing jewelry that have general use include amethyst, Blue Lapis, Jade, and mother of the pearl.


Reiki, as healing energy, can be “sent” (similar to a blessing) to your jewelry to enhance the already existing properties of the stones. ... When Rose Quartz is infused with Reiki, that energy of self-love expands the metaphysical meaning and/or benefit along with it.


The word Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key is a compound of two Japanese words Rei, meaning universal or spiritual consciousness, and Ki meaning life energy or vital/universal life force.  This process fosters the reduction of stress, allowing the energy balance to become restored.


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