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6 Easy Ways to Clean Your Healing Crystals & Gemstones

Crystals remove negativity from our lives through unseen magical energies. They are a gift from the womb of Mother Earth. Since many crystals purify their surroundings by absorbing negative energy, it is essential to keep them clean.

Cleansing your crystals regularly not only removes negative energy but also tunes their healing powers.

Ingenious and Easy Ways to Clean your Healing Crystals

If you wear or use crystals frequently, learning to cleanse them is a must. Crystals absorb toxic vibrations from both people and their environment, so you never know what kind of energy may be hanging around a new crystal. Fortunately, you can put together a crystal cleansing ceremony in the blink of an eye using common household items! Clean your healing crystal today with one of the following clever home remedies- 1. Crystal Singing Bowls

How to clean a Healing Crystal with a signing bowl Known for their beautiful tones and cleansing abilities, crystal singing bowls are a great choice for crystal rookies and veterans alike. Simply place your crystal inside the singing bowl and start playing it. As the vibrations cleanse and merge with the crystal's energy, the music that fills the room will also purify the space. Use this Yoga Tibetan Singing Bowl to program, tune, and charge your healing crystal. 2. Brown Rice Placing your crystal in a bowl of dry, uncooked brown rice will also cleanse it. Keep your crystal on top of the rice in the bowl. Leave the crystal for four hours or overnight. DO NOT EAT THE RICE AFTERWARD! 3. Reiki To cleanse your crystals with reiki, simply hold them between both palms and imagine that the stone is being filled with pure light. Reiki cleansing crystals, such as this set of Palm Crystals For Activating the Seven Chakras, will also help you cleanse and program your crystals. 4. Incense/ Sage Smudge This is a great way to cleanse your crystals and enjoy the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy at the same time. Burning incense or white sage will cleanse your crystals of negative energy while filling the room with a relaxing scent. Allow the smoke to completely envelop the crystals for the best results.

5. Sea Salt

My Favorite way to cleanse crystals or stones. No water please, just use either coarse salt and or fine salt in a glass, ceramic or wooden bowl. Metal bowls retain moisture and can corrode your minerals. Let sit any where between 24-72 hours, preference is all yours. 6. Geode A crystal duse or Amethyst geode cave is an effective way to cleanse any crystal. Leaving your healing crystal in a geode or crystal cave for 1-2 days resets its energies and cleanses it of negativity. Using an Amethyst Quartz Crystal Wand is another powerful way to cleanse and program any crystal.

Conclusion Cleansing your crystals not only keeps them free of negative energy but also boosts their natural healing powers. Crystals are living beings that require regular care and attention. If you want to get the most out of your crystals, try a new cleansing ritual today!


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