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Collage Crystals 101: Amethyst

History of Amethyst: Amethyst is connected to Bacchus, greek God of wine because of the stones deep purple hue. It goes by legend, that Amethyst was the name of a woman Bacchus tried to kill out of wrath. Fearful of her life, Amethyst called to Goddess Diana for help, to which she turned Amethyst into a quartz statue. Bacchus, overcome with guilt he poured wine over the statue, giving Amethyst it's purple color. Today, Amethyst can be mined in various places of the world, from Brazil to the US.

Amethyst Healing: Amethyst is an amazing beginner stone , and has been the first addition to many a crystal lovers' collection. This crystal helps in overcoming addictive habits from drugs, alcohol, people, food and pain. Improved and clear communication is also an added benefit from working with Amethyst, as it encourages quick thinking and confidence. If you suffer from an overactive mind or lack of focus, Amethyst aids clear thinking. Physically, Amethyst helps inflammation in the skin, helping those who deal with swelling, bruising, cysts and acne.

Reference: Unknown Source


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