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Crystal Crystals: Ametrine

Always wanted a crystal that attracts money, promotes balance and looks good enough to eat?

Meet Ametrine.

Ametrine is a double packed crystal of amazing - ness, as it combines the properties of both Amethyst and Citrine.

History of Ametrine: This crystal, both rare and unusual can only be commercially found in Bolivia. Legend has it, that Spanish colonizers were sailing along the Bolivian coast, and met the tribespeople known as the Ayoreo. One of the colonizers, Felipe de Urriola y Goitia, was particlularly fond of the tribe. It was him, that the daughter of the Ayoreo chieftan, Anahi, fell in love with. Overcome with infatuation, she pleaded with her father to marry the colonizer. Her father agreed, and as a dowry, he gifted Don Felipe with a mine that produced a gem of a firey, yet deep purple hue. Only interested in gold, silver and emeralds, Colonizer Don Felipe didn't care much for the mine.

It came time, that Don Felipe was to return to Spain, and Anahi was faced with a major decision: To stay and keep her loyalty to her tribe or to leave out of love for Don Felipe.

Enraged, the tribesmen attacked Don Felipe and his men, unfortunately, Anahi was caught in the midst of the battle and suffered life endangering injuries.

Near death, she requested she see her love one last time, and as her soul was leaving this plane, she placed in his hands a wedding gift from her father: a beautiful piece of ametrine. She told him it was a symbol of their eternal love. As she passed, Don Felipe gazed into the gemstone and discovered that it was a deep purple and an ember orange. He realized then that the ametrine symbolized the love Anahi shared for both her tribe and for him.

Ametrine Healing: Ametrine is very helpful in getting rid of depression. This leads to inner peace and tranquility. A very powerful money stone as well as an excellent tool to bring higher psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment. Ametrine is extremely effective in aiding the wearer of overcoming addictions of any nature. Ametrine is derivative of quartz, making it a great crystal for clarity and as an amplifier of energy. Wearing or meditating with Ametrine can greatly increase focus and enhance your natural creative abilities!

Reference: Unknown Source


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