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Crystals Not to Put in Water

Crystals Not to Put in Water

Do you often make crystal elixirs? Then, you might know all about directly infusing the energy of crystals with water. If you didn’t, let us help you understand which crystals are not to put in water, whether for elixir-making or cleaning.

Please also note, that most waters have added minerals, which may cause even more harmful toxins in your body.

Crystals Not to Put in Water

Whether advanced or a beginner, it is best not to put crystals directly in water. Bookmark this page or save it so that when you’re thinking of making a crystal elixir, you can come here and check if the crystal is toxic in water or not.

Ready? Let’s get started!

  1. Amber: Highly toxic organic material.

  2. Amethyst: High silicosis present.

  3. Aragonite: Highly soluble in acids only.

  4. Azurite: Presence of copper detected.

  5. Black Onyx: Low silicosis present.

  6. Bloodstone: Low silicosis detected.

  7. Calcite: Soluble in acids.

  8. Chalcedony: Low silicosis seen.

  9. Chrysocolla: Low silicosis present.

  10. Citrine: High silicosis present.

  11. Coral: Highly toxic organic material.

  12. Dolomite: It might have heavy metals.

  13. Epidote: Might contain radioactive or lead elements.

  14. Howlite: Easily soluble in acids only.

  15. Iolite: Soluble in acids only.

  16. Jasper: Low silicosis is detected.

  17. Lapis Lazuli: Presence of pyrite detected.

  18. Lepidolite: Easily soluble in acid solutions only.

  19. Malachite: Contains copper inside.

  20. Obsidian: Low silicosis seen.

  21. Opal: Low silicosis present

Please note, that we do have crystal water bottles, but the crystals are not directly infused into the water unless it won't present any harm to you or your loved ones,

More research is definitely required before injecting anything.


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