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Eclipse Season Survival Guide: Tips & Tools

Look out for the Aries New Moon Eclipse on April 19 at 9:12 pm PT ♈

The first eclipse of 2023 is in Aries, kicking off a new Aries-Libra eclipse season. Plus, this solar eclipse is very rare! It’s called a ‘hybrid solar eclipse’ because it goes back and forth between a total eclipse and an annular eclipse (when the Moon is further away from Earth and appears smaller, producing a ‘ring of fire’). Hybrid eclipses usually only happen once or less per decade.


Eclipses involve the lunar nodes and come in seasons. We usually have three to six eclipses each year. They happen when the Sun is about 15-18 degrees from a lunar node. Eclipse season happens twice a year, about six months apart. Since the lunar nodes are in a pair of polarity signs for about 18 months, eclipses occur in the same pair of signs for about 18 months. Since November 2021, eclipses have been happening in the signs Taurus and Scorpio and will continue to do so until 2023. This month, we have a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25, 2022. Then we have a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8, 2022, and a couple more eclipses in these signs in 2023.

The signs eclipses fall in reveal the energy we’re working with collectively. As mentioned above, eclipses directly align with the current south and north lunar node signs. The south node represents the past and old karma (what we’ve come from). The north node is our path of growth, destiny, and how we want to evolve (what we’re moving toward). With the current Taurus/Scorpio example, our past is symbolized by Scorpio’s tendency to seek power and control and consume its desires. We’re quite familiar with this deep, dramatic shadow as skeletons keep coming out of the closet, but the south node is not all shadow. We can understand it as the culmination of prior karma. Some of that can be gifts and talents ready to be actualized and shared. But there is undoubtedly plenty to purge. North node in Taurus draws us into a more peaceful existence that returns to basic needs, stability, and sustainability. Scorpio is complicated. Taurus likes simplicity. Scorpio, with its traditional ruler Mars, uses the tool of destruction. Taurus, with its ruler Venus, uses the tool of creation. We know the cycle of creation-destruction is inseparable, but the key to our current destiny isn’t separation; it’s connection.


Solar eclipses happen during a new moon, bringing new beginnings and unexpected opportunities. They help us realize what we need in our lives and welcome it from the Universe. Solar eclipses have more of an external effect, and lunar eclipses bring up more emotional and internal issues. A solar eclipse reveals what is hidden from you in your conscious, waking life and asks, “What do you need to know right now about your life that is currently obscured from your view?”

NOTE: New moons are the best time to set new intentions, but when there’s also a solar eclipse, we recommend waiting about 48 hours after the eclipse before setting intentions or working moon magic. Because eclipses shake things up and bring new awareness, we need time to receive and process them first.


Lunar eclipses happen during a full moon, so they bring up emotional and internal issues that play out in our relationships. Full moon is a time of culmination – the end of the waxing hemicycle. The full moon can affect the flow in our bodies, as it does the Earth’s tides, as we humans are made up of 70% water. During lunar eclipses, we become aware of the influence others have on us and can see them in a different light. When we see with more awareness and objectivity, we can let go of what isn’t serving the soul.

During a lunar eclipse, we’re challenged to feel more of ourselves, which at full moon often feels like someone else. We easily project our own issues onto others. The full moon combined with an eclipse may be just the trick to seeing more clearly in the mirror of “other.” What we attract in our lives often reflects versions of those very aspects in ourselves, whether or not we like them or take any responsibility for owning them.


In spiritual circles, we reinforce the importance at times like this of being honest and not keeping secrets, as the things you try to hide will be revealed now – either with your assistance or despite it. Better for you to be in control of what is known about you and your actions. If you’ve been hiding something, get ahead of it now and tell those affected by your secrets. The Universe abhors secrets. To the Universe, the only sanctioned mystery is its own.

When the sky darkens, we still gaze in awe as our ancestors did thousands of years ago. We now have a much deeper and more nuanced understanding of eclipse phenomena, yet even with this wisdom, we still find ourselves entranced and enchanted. Use this time to become clear and transparent about your intentions, dealings, and relationships. My favorite saying, “Let go or be dragged,” comes into focus now. Either get right and get aligned or be prepared for a series of challenging days ahead. The choice is yours.



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