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How to Grow Intuition? Try These 10 Crystals

Crystal energy is powerful to calm you down and any energy that can silence your mind can also be used to make your mind reach the maximum potential. Mind power techniques such as divination and psychic vision are termed intuition.

If you’ve ever sensed a moment of déjà vu where you felt like you could peek into the future of an event currently happening, you’re intuitive; but crystals can make your intuition potent! Positive insight through Crystal power is the foundational rock of developing intuitive traits. In fact, with the help of your chakra power and mental connection with the spiritual realm, you can grow divination powers of psychic vision. Translated as ‘contemplate’, intuition is developed by raising your frequency of perception as well as calculations. If you’re a crystal lover, try your hand at one of these ten crystals and see the spark! · Citrine Firing your imagination with the analysis is the core of intuition. In order to do that, using a crystal such as citrine, which makes your mind creative as well as logical, you can develop the extrasensory power of intuition quickly. When massaged on the Solar Plexus Chakra, this citrine crystal lights up a whole new world of psychic vision, divination, and clairvoyance. · Moonstone A guide to meditation, moonstone is excellent for contacting the spiritual realm for intuitive powers. Regularly wearing moonstones on your heart chakra makes your brain waves slower and helps you communicate with your subconscious efficiently. Next time you’re sitting down to meditate or wind down, wear this moonstone earring too! · Aquamarine When clubbed with other intuitive crystals, Aquamarine builds a stable connection with your intuitive powers. Aquamarine is excellent for building happy thoughts and vivid imagination that is pragmatic too. From knowing yourself from deep within to knowing what your friends and family think of you, there are many benefits to using this Aquamarine Stone white gold ring for intuition! · Amber Amber Honey Pendant A powerful and radiant healing crystal to use for divination powers, amber combines the energies of earth and the sun to create raised spiritual and physical awareness. An excellent way to make amber work on you for powers of intuition is by meditating daily while keeping this amber necklace on your third eye chakra. · Labradorite An amazing healing stone that also reveals your destiny in addition to psychic vision, Labradorite is perfect for those in search of the purpose of life. Using this Labradorite ball, you can realize your goal in life if you meditate daily with it after programming it. · Amethyst A powerful stone, renowned as a talisman throughout human history, Amethyst not only makes you intuitive but also charges your perception. Amethyst wearers have a higher energy of the Third Eye chakra and thus encounter heightened spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Wearing this Amethyst pendant connects you with nature, earth, and the people that we share on this planet earth to develop a sense of accurate intuition. · Tiger Eye Yet another radiant healing crystal, Tiger-eye has multiple color energies that are excellent for charging your Solar Plexus chakra. Wearing Tiger-eye builds up self-confidence, willpower, intelligence, and a vigorous psychic aura around you. Try this Tiger Eye bracelet today and see how open-mindedness works! · Turquoise Works life magic on clairaudience, Turquoise is perfect for clairvoyance too. Turquoise is a lovely healing crystal with calming energies that opens all your chakras. In addition to balancing life and your energy force, Turquoise also enhances the power of your spiritual eye. Wear this turquoise necklace to stay ahead of the dangers in life with intuition. · Fluorite Available in a varied set of shades, the best fluorite color energy for intuition is transparent green. Get this Fluorite wand to uplift your spiritual connection and link your spirit guide to you. This will open up a new world of enlightenment and divination too. Fluorite is also excellent for clearing negative auras that might harm you in the future. Use this Fluorite wand to program your intentions to attract intuition. · Sapphire A beautiful healing stone to carry always on you, sapphire bonds with the wearer fast and opens a path of psychic vision too. Wearing sapphire polishes your spiritual connection and improves your psychic vision. Try your hand at holding onto this powerful and gorgeous sapphire shell ring while sitting down for a session of yoga or meditation. Before you go … Only when you bond with your crystals do you develop a steady stream of energy that can open up the psychic realm to you? Activating your third eye and the crown chakra can help you develop a sense of recognizing the danger before it dawns! Tell us how your crystals worked in the comments below. Stay powerful!


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