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How to Interpret Your Natal Chart

Today I wanted to talk to you about your birth chart. What it is and how to interpret it. Relax, it's not that difficult so get ready because this is a short one! Did you know another person with your exact horoscope will not walk on this earth for another 4,320,000 years? No two people are alike on this o planet... so please stop listening to the nonsense of, ( oh your such a ..... insert zodiac here). No one is like you believe me...

You are a complex and unique combination of your own life circumstances. This includes your everyday interactions: love, tragedy, success; the genetic makeup of your person; and the celestial influence of your birth chart in your personality. I believe that knowing who you are—your values, motivators, and interests—is the foundation for success when it comes to your design as a person. An understanding of your birth chart will give you an added measure of self-knowledge. It also helps you to realize what makes you tick (if you do :) )

What is it?

Have you ever read your horoscope or the description of your sun sign and thought “That doesn't describe me very accurately”? The Sun sign is just the start of your character. You also have a Moon and all the planets in your birth chart, and each may be in a different sign, influencing you. Your birth chart is a map of the sky and the position of the planets at the moment you were born. Each planet represents a different acting force. The signs decide how the planets act. There are also the Houses, which determine how the planets act in the human experience.

The Planets

☉ The Sun sign = your basic ego ☽ The Moon = your inner emotional self ⇪ Your Ascendant = how the world sees you ☿ Mercury = communication, intelligence ♀ Venus = love, pleasure, creativity ♂︎ Mars = physical energy, sex drive, aggression ♃ Jupiter = good luck, optimism, success, and generosity ♄ Saturn = responsibility, hard work, character strengthening, trial ♅ Uranus = change, originality, opportunities, revolution ♆ Neptune = mystery, illusion, imagination, dreams, bewitchment ♇ Pluto = high and low human capability, destruction and creation

The Signs

♈️ Aries = Courageous, Active, Fire, Cardinal ♉️ Taurus = Dependable, Passive, Earth, Fixed ♊️ Gemini = Responsive, Active, Air, Mutable ♋️ Cancer = Loyal, Passive, Water, Cardinal ♌️ Leo = Exuberant, Active, Fire, Fixed ♍️ Virgo = Conscientious, Passive, Earth, Mutable ♎️ Libra = Charming, Active, Air, Cardinal ♏️ Scorpio = Idealistic, Passive, Water, Fixed ♐️ Sagittarius = Optimistic, Active, Fire, Mutable ♑️ Capricorn = Steady, Passive, Earth, Cardinal ♒️ Aquarius = Friendly, Active, Air, Fixed ♓️ Pisces = Compassionate, Passive, Water, Mutable

Now these are simple characteristics of the signs... Each one has more than what meets the eye.

DUALITIES: Active (outer-directed and strong through action; extrovert) and

Passive (self-contained and strong through inner reserves; introvert)

TRIPLICITIES: Fire (active and enthusiastic),

Earth (practical and stable),

Air (intellectual and communicative) and

Water (emotional and intuitive)

QUADRUPLICITIES: Cardinal (enterprising and outgoing; initiators),

Fixed (resistant to change; protectors and finishers) and

Mutable (flexible, versatile and adaptable; adjust to circumstances)

This next part is what usually trips people up... Believe it or not, this is what you need the Birth time for when looking up your chart... if you don't have that information it's quite alright. There are plenty of ways around it!

The Houses

😃 1st = Self 💰 2nd = Money and Possessions 📱 3rd = Communication 🏡 4th = Home 🎨 5th = Creativity and Sex 🏥 6th = Service and Health 💏 7th = Partnership and Marriage 💀 8th = Death and Regeneration ✈️ 9th = Mental Exploration and Long Distance Travel 👩‍🎓 10th = Career and Public Standing 💖 11th = Friends and Hopes and Wishes 🤫 12th = Secrets, Sorrows and Self-Undoing

How to Interpret it

It was once much harder to map out your horoscope for the time of your birth, or birth chart. It took many laborious, mathematical steps to complete the task...Lucky for us, we live in the information age and it's super simple to plug your birth date, time and place into a variety of free programs that will calculate this for you.

We offer this service in store and on line for those wanting a glimpse of their chart or wanting an explanation of what to expect.

We also have charts and detailed pamphlets that can assist with this information.

until next time,



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