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Life Path #2

Life path number 2: the emotional, the healer, the lover all wrapped in one.

number 2s are oftentimes warm and affectionate people.

if you are a two you may have been told you have an inviting and genuine energy, causing children and animals to be attracted to you: they can sense your kindness.

2s love harmony, and any time problems arise within the relationships around them, they act as the mediator.

from a young age you might have found yourself acting as the peacemaker in your friendships and family.

in this lifetime, 2s must learn not to over give, to put themselves first and to stop feeling guilty for saying no to others.

If they do not, they will find themselves being taken advantage of throughout their lives.

they must also learn to voice their concerns, to communicate and to stop avoiding conflict.

life path 2s thrive in jobs as reiki practitioners, or anything having to do with wellness, veterinarians, teachers, nurses

Reference: Unknown Source


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