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Life Path 6

Life Path 6s are the kind hearted care givers of the numbers.

6s tend to be the friend you call on when you need a shoulder to cry on, is the person who visits you when you're sick and who you would trust to dog sit your furry friends.

full of the desire to help, life path 6s just want to make the world a better place, starting with doing everything they can to help those closest to them. because of their

Highly empathetic nature, 6s are often taken advantage of because people know they have a hard time telling someone in need "no."

6 is the number of relationships, familial, romantic and platonic, these people tend to have a tribe like quality about them and appreciate having a reliable support group.

life path 6s excel in jobs that will have a positive impact in other's lives such as teaching, personal training or holistic healing!

In this lifetime 6s will learn how to say no to others and say yes to themselves, allowing themselves to be their own priority will be difficult but will pay off greatly for them

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