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Master Life Path Numbers

The 3 master numbers consist of 11/2, 22/4 and 33/6.

master numbers have high potential to reach self mastery, are effortless manifestor and are said to have come to Earth in order to make a difference for the human collective

11/2 s are the first of the master numbers and are known as the inspirational teacher.

11/2s hold the base characteristics of life path 2s, making them natural listeners, counselors and peacemakers.

with the added 11, 11/2 are the natural illuminators of the numbers. this is someone who can awaken and inspire those around them, through simple conversation and interaction.

this life path is on a journey of spiritual development and enlightenment, and they want nothing more than to help others progress on their own journey.

in this lifetime, 11/2s must learn how to ground. these life paths run on eccentric, high energy, which easily turns into anxiety and nervousness.

11/2 must learn how to trust themselves and stay confident in their abilities.

life path 11/2s excel in occupations like : actor, entertainer, motivational speaker, teacher, counselors and tv producers.

22/4 is here to work, and to build a legacy.

like life path 4, 22/4 is interested in creating a stable and fruitful life in every aspect. this is the path of turning dreams into reality and it is the ultimate come up story.

with the added 22, 22/4s are known as the visionary, making them excellent manifest-er.

these people can clearly see what they want, whether it be their new business, ideal relationship or starting a new creative project. they are detail oriented while also being able to see the bigger picture of things.

in this life, 22/4s must learn to get over their fear of failure. they must be able to put action behind their plans and to be willing to take risks on themselves.

22/4s excel in jobs such as business owner, ceo and management positions, designers , engineers, anything in the spiritual and metaphysical sense

33/6s are the master healer.

like their base number 6, life path 33/6s are here to serve the human collective.

they are often someone else's "peace" as they are naturally full of warmth and comfort.

with the added 33, 33/6s have the ability to heal from non conventional platforms, such as their creative outlets including, singing, dance, writing or writing.

in this lifetime 33/6s have to learn how to be able to receive from others and develop a healthy, stable relationship with giving to others by setting boundaries.

Reference: Unknown Source


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