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Quick tips to Protect yourself and other

In pink to hopefully lighten up the current mood, specifically for those who still have to go to work which hopefully is not a lot of people.

- Hand sanitizers cannot replace soap and water

(please wash your hands with soap and water whenever you can. hand sanitizers should be treated as an option B only)

- Wash your clothes after you’ve been to a crowded, public place such as the mall or grocery stores

(especially if your clothes have metal details on them. this goes for metal details on shoes and your wallet too - remember to disinfect them properly)

- Cut your nails, if you can

(especially to avoid biting them, either out of habit or anxiety)

- Write small reminders onto your hands

(not only does this helps you remember to do - or not to do - certain things, but it also serves as a distraction. you would feel compelled to look at your hands more. can’t really do that if your hands are touching your face right?)

- With some specific types of doors in public buildings, you can lean your back onto them or use your arm/ elbow to push them open

(basically find as many alternatives as you can to not have to touch them with your hands)

- Minimize the use of earphones/ headphones, phones, etc. when you have to go outside

(I’ve been trying to leave my phone at home to prevent myself from spreading germs onto its surface with my unwashed hands. this virus can live on these surfaces for long periods of time, so it is best to not invite them into your house and bedroom via your phone or earphones. I would also recommend disinfecting these items when you get home)

- If you have to go grocery shopping (at some point), it’s better to use credit cards than paying in cash. bring your own pen to sign receipts as well

(reduce contact with the cashier, other people in line, and possible external virus carriers like coins that have been passed from people to people during previous transactions)

- If you have/want to use your cash, try your best to estimate the amount you would need to make your interaction with the cashier shorter, as mentioned in the previous point

(I used to do this all the time when I’m in a hurry and now it turns out to be a really efficient strategy in our current situation)

- Be careful, sure, but try not to get paranoid

(take care of your mental health during these times. be selective of the information you receive. remind yourself that the prevention is simple: stay at home, don’t touch your face, and wash your hands. remind yourself that it is preventable if you pay just a little bit more attention to your habits/ routines)

- Take care of yourself (and your immune system too)

(get enough sleep, drink loads of water, use mouthwash, eat, exercise, etc. also be mindful of your mental health, as I mentioned before)

- It’s definitely okay to feel lost and scared

(it’s okay if you want to cry. it’s okay if you’re overwhelmed and confused. it’s okay if you don’t want to read the news or see the numbers right now. it’s okay if you need distractions. it’s okay for you to feel)

- And finally, please think about others too 

(this is the time to adapt and work together, not to whine or step on others for one’s benefits. don’t hoard things you don’t need. give up unnecessary steps in your routine like going for coffee or boba. be willing to stay away from friends, family, and loved ones. you are in this whether you like it or not. your contributions matter. your actions matter. your willingness matters)

These seem like small changes, but I hope they play a big part in protecting yourself and breaking harmful habits. If you are currently working or studying from home, I’ve got some tips on productivity that I hope can help you too.


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