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Your root chakra could be the root of your problems. When it is unhealthy, you will suffer from a variety of emotional and physical maladies. Fortunately, a malfunctioning base chakra is easy to fix. There is no need to go through life suffering from these ill effects. Heal your root chakra with crystals that will quickly and easily whip it into tip, top shape.


The root chakra is also referred to as the base or 1st chakra. It is the red chakra that is found at the lower end of the spine. When this chakra is clogged with positive ions and not functioning properly, you will find it difficult to get excited about anything. You will feel lethargic and may have trouble even getting out of bed in the morning or you might have a hard time relaxing. The need for constant stimulation is indicative of an unhealthy root chakra. Physical symptoms are lower back and leg pain as well as a suppressed immune system and reduced enjoyment from physical pleasures. You may feel distant or disconnected from what is going on in your world or you could feel flighty and restless. Paranoia may begin to creep into your mind, making you suspicious of friends, family members and associates. You may even begin to question your own belief system.


Healing crystals will activate the root chakra and clear away positive ions. Once it is cleared and activated, it will pull in the negative ions that it and your body needs in order to heal and function properly. There are a few ways to utilize root chakra healing crystals:

  • Meditate with gemstones that activate the root chakra by placing them on the lower abdomen just above the pubic bone.

  • Wear jewelry like bracelets and rings that have root chakra crystals in them.

  • Take a root chakra crystal elixir.

Any one of these methods or a combination of all of them will clear and stimulate your root chakra.


There are quite a few root chakra healing crystals to choose from. Select one of them or several of them to heal your base chakra so it will function properly.

  • Carnelian gemstones are excellent for the base chakra and sacral chakra. Red carnelian crystals are ideal for base chakra healing. Orange carnelian crystals activate the sacral chakra. A red carnelian bracelet or ring will keep the healing vibrations near your base chakra during the day to keep it clear and active.

  • Garnet crystals will clear and heal your root chakra. Almandine, andradite, pyrope and red garnet are excellent for the base chakra and they are beautiful in bracelets and rings. Garnet essence or elixir will help heal your base chakra, clear away impurities and energize you. Seven drops two times each day for two weeks is the commonly recommended dosage.

  • Tourmaline, especially black tourmaline, is an excellent base chakra crystal. Black tourmaline will help heal your root chakra and balance your meridian from the crown to the root chakra. Red or rubellite tourmaline heals the base and heart chakra, making it ideal for recovery in matters of the heart. Rubellite essence or elixir will heal the root and heart chakras. Bracelets made with black or red tourmaline are beautiful and will keep the healing going all day.

  • Tiger eye gemstones are empowering crystals that resonate with the root chakra as well as the sacral and solar plexus chakras. A combination of black tourmaline and tiger eye crystals on a bracelet is gorgeous and very beneficial for all of the lower chakras.

These Crystals and more are all available at the store and online for purchase. Please let us know if you feel as though this article helped you in anyway, and how you'll start working on your root chakra!

Until Next time, Namaste

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