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An unhealthy throat chakra interferes with your ability to communicate clearly and effectively with others. This can cause problems in every aspect of daily life from trying to have an intelligent conversation with a co-worker or loved one to simply ordering lunch. Use throat chakra healing crystals to heal this chakra and keep it functioning properly.


Your throat chakra is your 5th chakra. It is, of course, located right in the middle of the throat. This chakra must be healthy, balanced and properly aligned with the other chakras to maintain a good flow of energy from the upper to the lower chakras. A blocked or otherwise unhealthy throat chakra interferes with your ability to communicate and be truthful. Miscommunication can become a serious problem, you may find yourself stammering or having trouble finding the right words. You may also find yourself lying all the time then wondering later on why you lied about that. Physical health problems like a sore throat, raspy voice, mouth sores, swollen glands and even thyroid problems and scoliosis can be caused or exacerbated by an unhealthy throat chakra.


Using crystals to heal this chakra is very easy to do. There are many crystals that clear the throat chakra of positive ions, help it heal and keep it running smoothly with their soothing vibrations. You will feel an immediate improvement as soon as you begin using these healing crystals.

  • The right words will come to you quickly and easily.

  • You will feel comfortable communicating honestly with yourself and others, instead of feeling as though you must be dishonest.

  • Your mouth and throat will feel better and, if you've been struggling with physical ailments, they will begin to heal as well.

Utilize these crystals in one or all of the following ways:

  • Meditate with a throat chakra gemstone. Either lay down to meditate with the crystal placed directly on your throat chakra or wear a tight necklace or choker that will hold the crystal in place while you are sitting up. Quietly meditate for at least 10 to 15 minutes with the gemstone in place.

  • Wear a throat chakra crystal necklace or earrings during the day to keep the healing gemstones near your 5th chakra.

  • Take a throat chakra crystal elixir. The soothing vibrations will begin healing your chakra right away.


Blue gemstones are almost always good for healing the throat chakra because they resonate, or vibrate, at a rate that is in tune with this chakra. There are other crystal colors that also work, though, if you prefer a color other than blue. When you choose your throat chakra crystal, go with the gemstone that “speaks” to you. More often than not, you will intuitively pick a healing crystal that is perfect for you.

  • Amazonite is a lovely green to blue-green gemstone that can heal the throat chakra. Pale blue-green amazonite crystal vibrations are very relaxing.

  • Aquamarine crystals provide cooling, soothing healing vibrations that are wonderful for the throat chakra. They resonate with the heart chakra, too. Use this crystal for only 5 to 10 minutes the first few times. It may be a bit overwhelming for you. Gradually, increase the time you spend meditating with it or wearing it in a necklace or earrings.

  • Dark blue, iridescent labradorite crystals are excellent throat chakra healing stones. A labradorite necklace with matching earrings will blanket you with relaxing vibrations that can benefit your Third Eye or 6th chakra, too.

  • Lapis lazuli is a beautiful blue or blue and white marbled crystal that heals and balances the throat chakra. Wearing it close to the throat along with a pair of matching earrings will benefit your throat chakra and your Third Eye.

  • Moonstones will activate, clear and help heal all of your chakras. There are blue moonstones, but you don't have to use a blue moonstone for your throat chakra. Moonstones of any color will work.

Reference: Unknown Source


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