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What’s the Last Thing You Did for Yourself?

What’s the Last Thing You Did for Yourself?

Busy days, busy lives, busy traffic, busy work. It’s easy to get lost in the stress of every day life, which is why you deserve an oasis, a time to destress a time, just for you.

Picture this:

A life where you get 30% off on top of sales, so you can get that turquoise necklace that matches your eyes.

 75% off on your birthday, so you can get the earrings to match your necklace,

 A new exotic stone of the month, every month. A free event to Stretch and Destress, Healing Paint and Sip or your first New Moon circle.

A care package from us, just to let you know we appreciate you.

And a community of women, to share your journey of health and healing.

Becoming a Platinum member of our collage club, makes self care savings easy.

Click the link for all of our membership plans, yes, there’s more than one.

Just for you

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