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Why Do Crystals Break?

What does it mean?

Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything at all, Seriously. It could be just plain ole’ science & physics that did it like a heavy impact or thermal shock: extreme hot to cold or cold to hot. Sun, moon, home temperature.

But sometimes a stone or crystal just breaks…with no explanation.

So then we have to look at energy.

Think of it when a high pitch singer sings & wine glass shattering scenario. What causes that to happen?

The frequencies of the wine glass were perfectly pitched or perfectly oscillated with the sound frequency of the note that the singer was holding. This created a 3rd resonant field of greater energy & that cracks the wine glass.

The same scenario may be taking place when our crystal cracks. The vibrational frequency of the crystal may be synchronized with a frequency in its environment & BOOM! Crack. Chip, or Explode!

Keep in mind…crystals do not die or stop working because they’ve cracked or broken.

They may be salvageable to some degree, makesure it's safe to use and that no piece of the stone will harm you in the process, then you can safely return to using them.

Please continue to work with them. They are still there for you.

What if this happens more than once with a particular crystal? Well, in that case, its work with you may be done. Perhaps this is a sign to gift this piece on to whoever needs it more than you. Its work isn’t done, perhaps, it just needs to move on to someone else. Some people like getting the same crystal over and over and loosing or chipping it thinking that it's the crystal when in fact you may need something new or stronger than the vibration of that stone. It's best to try and explore other options than to keep making the same mistakes.

Now, the intense energy that caused the stone or crystal to crack, whether a physical impact or energetic impact was intense (especially if we’re talking about a quartz crystal)…& that my have temporarily altered the crystal’s normal vibrational frequency. So you’ll want to give that crystal a little break for a bit. A little spa vacation with a nice cleansing. But after about a month, it should be rarin’ to go again. When you do so, place in sea salt and leave it alone.

What else can you do? You can do a meditation with the cracked/broken crystal & thank it for the work it has been doing for/with you. Then since this a high amplitude energy that caused it to crack, you can do a good crystal re-tuning. Then, I recommend giving it a little rest or retreat for a month buried in Mother Earth. Ahhhh. Be sure to mark the spot well so you can find it again, or add new friends to it's section when it happens again.

What does it mean when your crystal breaks? Other suggestions or examples may include:

"1. Your need for a specific energy in the crystal is too much and it overwhelms the crystal. We had a client who was going through a divorce. She loved rose quartz, but she’d been so depleted as far as love traits (helping her children, caring for her concerned parents, etc) that every time she picked up a piece of rose quartz it would break because her need for loving energy overwhelmed the crystal. Mangano Calcite In this circumstance, there were other love stones that could have been used in combination to help her energy, such as Mangano calcite, which provides the necessary properties to help those who do for others. Ask yourself, are you depending on a specific property of the crystal, and if so, is there another stone that has similar properties that may be more appropriate for your energy needs? 2. How clean have you kept the crystal? When a crystal hasn’t been cleared, the build-up of the energy it has taken on can overwhelm the crystal, which causes it to break. You should energetically cleanse your jewelry and gemstones on a regular basis. Place them on a piece of selenite, smudge them, run them through incense, place them in full moonlight to energize them…all of these are especially important when you’re having a lot of stress and adjustment in your life. Never wear a gemstone day in and day out, never removing it and cleansing it. The crystal absorbs your daily energy and the energy around you. When it doesn’t get cleaned, it becomes stressed, when it is stressed you lose the healing benefits, and over time, the crystal can break. We advise when asked, that you cleanse your gemstones that have been used immediately after use (meditation, chakra work, etc) or when taken off at the end of your day. 3. It’s just how the crystal was formed. Sometimes a crystal breaks on a natural area of formation. There is nothing you could have done to have prevented it."



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