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rock collage monthly subscription box

Monthly Rock Collage Box




Random Mix

In this box, You will receive any item that are on sale for the month! Along other great Essentials to help you feel good!


manifest-the-life-you-want rock collage

Manifestation Box


How Sweet it is to Manifest

In this box, alongside crystals and other essential aids, we will provide guides on how to manifest your world!

rock collage spa bath package

Monthly Spa Box



Spa Box

Relax to the sensationally infused crystal spa products hand crafted in store and brought to your door once a month!

rock collage crystal grid

Crystal Grid Box


New Grids of the month!

Every wanted a full guide on how Grids worked and what you can use them for? Wait no further! We have the perfect box for you! Equipped with grid, crystals, and identification cards!

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