Ethically Sourced Crystal

and Stone Collections

 Fusing Beauty and Healing for the Mind Body and Soul takes place

All Jewelry is Handcrafted and Stones Infused with Reiki Energy

We carry Humanely Sourced Sage, Palo Santo, With Over 350 Stones, and Crystals, We are truly honored to be chosen by you for your wellness needs!

One of the best ways to benefit from the healing properties of Crystals is to wear them. Select your Crystals based upon the Crystals most suitable and appropriate for achieving your purpose but if you are unsure just go with your instinct as the right crystal will choose you if you ask it too, simply by choosing the color that you are most drawn to. 

Even people who have no conscious knowledge of the healing properties of Crystals will intuitively select Crystal jewelry that often has a positive healing effect for them. 

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