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How Do I Know A Crystal Is Right For Me?

When choosing a stone, most times they choose you. What ever you might be going through, that stone will assist you in your healing work. The Color, alone might not be enough for when chooing the right stone for you. Sometimes a little research can help with getting the right crystal or stone for you. We suggest visiting the shop if you absolutely need to feel and touch a stonemin order to get a deeper connection.

Where Are Rock Collage Crystals Sourced From?

We take pride in sourcing our Rock Collage Crystals from all over the world! Keep reading for a full list below: - Madagascar, Africa - China - Colombia - Russia - Brazil - Italy - Peru - Mexico - South Africa - New Jersey, USA - Pennsylvania, USA - Many other parts of the world! Our crystals are humanely and sustainably sourced, as respect for our Earth comes first! Please note, we do test the validity of your product before putting out to market, we wouldn't want you or anyone your purchasing for to get anything unethically sourced.

Do You Offer Services?

Yes! Rock Collage is a holistic wellness oasis, where we offer a multitude of services because we know that healing is not a one size fits all situation. Our current services are: - Reiki Healing - Distance Reiki Healing - Animal Reiki - Chakra Attunements - Yoni Steaming - Cord Cutting - Birth Chart Readings - Life Coaching Sessions - House Cleansing - Nutritional Consultations - Vision Board Consultations Many more options available, just head over to our services tab!

What is Rock Collage?

We are a wellness Metaphysical crystal shop. We have Crystals, Stones and Rocks. 95% of all products are hand crafted in store to ensure the utmost quality and experience for you. We have wellness events that help educate you on many different subject matters We have wellness services that are catered to individual neads.

About Rock Collage

We are Certified in Astrology, Nutrition, Crystal Practitioner, Reiki Master (8 Different Versions)


We believe One of the best ways to benefit from the healing properties of Crystals is to wear them. Select your Crystals based upon the Crystals most suitable and appropriate for achieving your purpose 

Our Services

Reiki Level 2 Certification

Foot Detox

Reiki Session

Chakra Attunement

1/2 Hour Reiki Session 

Reiki with Bio Tuner


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