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Judith Bio:

“Healing is not a one size fits all”, ~ Judith P-Dazle Quotes.


One modality of healing may not work for everybody, and that’s great we can create our own ways to heal.


Rock Collage is a collage of healing experiences!


Rock Collage was created in 2013 to be a healing store and resource. Not only is Judith a Grandmaster Reiki healer, she is an experienced nutritionist, crystal practitioner, astrologer, herbalist, jeweler, yogi, artist, musician, life coach, and intuitive reader. Judith has invested in herself to impact your communities through healing.


Judith has made Rock Collage a place where individuality thrives, where self-love is the norm and there is a second chance at life for everyone!


From helping women regulate their menstrual cycles, to being able to pinpoint illness in the body; this is a space of understanding for those who are working on their spiritual wellness, and physical healing, Judith has created exactly what you need at the physical store or online for your convenience. 


Our Mission is to level up your wellness experience through Holistic remedies and crystals.


Rock Collage is a healing epicenter for the entire mind, body, and soul of each individual's healing for the collective to thrive. We custom create your wellness plan to fit your desires. 

In this oasis of healing, wellness, and crystals, we are excited to offer custom vibrational jewelry to enhance your life experience.

Join the Rock Collage movement and love your new self! 

About Rock Collage

We are Certified in Astrology, Nutrition, Crystal Practitioner, Reiki Master (8 Different Versions)


We believe One of the best ways to benefit from the healing properties of Crystals is to wear them. Select your Crystals based upon the Crystals most suitable and appropriate for achieving your purpose 

Our Services

Reiki Level 2 Certification

Foot Detox

Reiki Session

Chakra Attunement

1/2 Hour Reiki Session 

Reiki with Bio Tuner


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