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Meet Judith

How you do Anything is How you do Everything" My favorite Quote, and way of life.

“Healing is not a one size fits all”,

This is a saying that I have coined since beginning my spiritual journey. I realize that one modality of healing may not work for everybody, and that’s ok. 

This is why I made Rock Collage a one-stop healing shop. Not only am I a Grandmaster Reiki healer, but I am an experienced nutritionist, crystal practitioner, astrologer, herbalist, jeweler, yogi, artist, musician, life coach, and intuitive reader. 

Most importantly, I, Myself invite you to do the same. I have made it so that  Rock Collage is a place where individuality thrives, where self-love is the norm, and where there is a second chance at life for everyone. 

Becoming a mother in 2020 not only shifted my outlook on life but also helped me understand another level of healing as well as how to better serve the majority of my client base who are also women with children. 

From helping women regulate their menstrual cycles, to being able to pinpoint illness in the body, by holding space of understanding for those who are working on their mental wellness, and hand-making jewelry that serves a purpose, I am truly making space for the individual soul, while making a collective impact. 

I also have the honor of working with men who have started on their spiritual path. Through wellness services like Reiki or custom bracelet design work.

This is a family-oriented space, where everyone is welcome. 

​With Love and light always

List of Certifications:

* Usui Reiki Master Teacher - 2017
* Crystal Healing Practioner - 2017
* Mindfulness Practioner - 2018
* Life Coach - 2018
* Nutritional Consultant - 2018
* Essential Herbal Specialist - 2018
* Quantum Reiki Master - 2019
* Karuna Ki Reiki Master - 2018
* Pearl Specialist Expert - 2018
* Karmic Debt Certificate (Astrology) - 2018
* Kundalini Reiki Master - 2019
* Cupping Therapist - 2019
* Moon Magic Diploma - 2018
* Vedic Astrology - 2017
* Usui Reiki Mastery by the International Reiki Organization 

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