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Not long ago, rites of passage were a mandatory part of life for both men and women. We gathered together, sharing resources and knowledge. Children were raised by the village, extended family and friends who took responsibility for the well-being of one another. Working hand in hand with nature, cycles of birth, growth, and death were charted using celestial bodies and seasonal changes. Wisdom, ritual, and cultural understanding were ceremonially passed down from our foreparents to ensure our survival and success as we developed from children to adults and eventually became the next generation of elders and community leaders. They taught us who we were and where we fit into the larger scheme of life. Unfortunately, most of Western society has moved away from these practices. They were replaced with high-stress, competitive lifestyles that put us at odds with the rhythm of life and each other. Societal expectations, technological advancements, constantly changing cultural norms, and modern life have disconnected most of us, especially women, from essential aspects of our humanity. This disconnect from our womanhood, our bodies, and nature is wreaking havoc on us as individuals and society as a whole. It is time to make a conscious effort to change that. Through practiced self- awareness, mindfulness, and a holistic approach to well-being we can reclaim the connection that so many of us are missing. Discover the powerful and transformative experience of The Red Tent: Rites of Womanhood at Rock Collage. This 3-month cohort brings together Afro-indigenous teachings and healing technologies to expand on ancestral rites of passage. Our program embraces each woman's unique journey and offers a supportive space for growth, healing, and connection. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. This life-changing program was created by women, exclusively for adult women aged 18 and up, as we will be covering sensitive topics that may not yet be appropriate for our younger sisters. However, be on the lookout for The Pink Tent, a separate experience designed just for them.

✅    Womb health and healing
✅    Anatomy and physiology
✅    Fertility and birthing practices

✅    Trauma recognition and release
✅    Ancestral self-healing practices
✅    The mind, body, and nature connection
✅    Sexual and relationship science
✅    Herbal medicines and plant allies
✅    Movement therapies
✅    The healing use of sound
✅    Plant ceremonies
✅    Energy work and elemental healing
✅    Walking in your sovereignty as a woman

✅     And much more!

Meet Your Instructors

Judith Rock Collage



Rock Collage was created in 2013 to be a healing store and resource. Not only is Judith a Grandmaster Reiki healer, but she is also an experienced nutritional consultant, crystal practitioner, astrologer, herbalist, jeweler, yogi, artist, musician, life coach (going back to school for social work) officiant, intuitive reader, and a mother. Judith has invested in herself to impact our communities through healing with many different modalities available. Judith has made Rock Collage a place where individuality thrives, where self-love is the norm and there is a second chance at life for everyone! From helping women regulate their menstrual cycles, to being able to pinpoint illness in the body; this is a space of understanding for those who are working on their spiritual wellness, and physical healing, she has created exactly what you need at the physical store or online for your convenience. Our Mission is to level up your wellness experience through Holistic remedies, crystals, services, and more. Rock Collage is a healing epicenter for the entire mind, body, and soul of each individual's healing for the collective to thrive. We custom-create your wellness plan to fit your desires. In this oasis of healing, wellness, and crystals, we are excited to offer custom vibrational jewelry to enhance your life experience. Services and events are also some of our ways to pour back into the lives of many. “Healing is not a one size fits all”, ~ Judith P-Dazle Quotes. One modality of healing may not work for everybody, and that’s great. We can create our own ways to heal.


Sheena Schuler


Sheena is a multi-hyphenate community care practitioner dedicated to reviving ancestral practices of authenticity, autonomy, and community in today’s modern world. Born into a lineage of healers who worked closely with the land, she holds the titles of mother, birth worker, death worker, herbalist, Tantrika, holistic sexologist, energy healer, and teacher, among many others. Through her combined wealth of wisdom, life experience, and education, Sheena takes pride in educating, elevating, and empowering individuals to remember who they are, where they come from, and how to show up for themselves and their community in the fullest version of their being.

Red Tent Cohort Questionnaire (START DATE 3-3-2024)

If you feel called to participate in this journey back to self and sisterhood, please complete the following application.



✅ All 12 weeks of live instruction
✅ PDF version of course study materials
✅ Access to all necessary supplies


Standard Pricing options (All sales final)

Full Payment


Monthly Payment


Down Payment



✅ Include everything in the standard tier plus:
✅ Physical copies of all suggested reading materials
✅ Prepared plant allies and medicines
✅ 1:1 sessions with the instructors
✅ Two consultations per month 
✅ Apprentice opportunities

Elite Pricing options (All sales final)

Full Payment


Monthly Payment


Down Payment


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