Buddiful Oracle Deck

Buddiful Oracle Deck

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For this oracle deck, we wanted to convey themes of self- care, love for the modern person seeking self-development while on their spiritual journey. Instead of using traditional illustrations and language, we used vibrant and bold imagery coupled with present vocabulary phrases and sayings. This deck is made to feel as if it's speaking to the user soul, simply.  Spirituality today has become oversaturated, with multiple people saying the same things, the same way, over and over again. The Buddhiful Deck's voice is bright, standing out with messages written with strong intention, spoken by courageous women of color. We believe that we are the right people to deliver these messages with the Buddhiful Deck as myself and illustrator Michelle Perez believe that accountability, true honesty, and self-love to are the basics of leading a healthy life, spiritually, emotionally and physically. We are aware that spiritual journies are often lonely, and people lack a best friend or confidant that has their best interests in mind.  Being a modern-day wellness and healing advocate, with a fresh new voice to guide those on their spiritual journey. There was a point in my life where I had to get used to not having the support of those around me. When I co-created this deck, I created it for those who need the love, sometimes of the tough variety, and support of a true friend.  Self Confidence and mental health is a huge part of our brand. We realize that healing spiritually, emotionally and physically doesn't look the same for any two people, but that's the beauty of the collage that is life! Our positive affirmations have the capacity to speak to each individual during their spiritual journey helping to develop confidence and learning to find the answers within themselves.

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