Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite is also known to increase creativity and imagination, and reducing financial troubles and anxieties. Grossular Garnet edifies the lesson of abundance, from the materialistic physical wealth to religious connection of the person with the Divine. It sustains the wearer on all the levels and stages of life.



The beneficial properties of Grossular Granite or Tsavorite are:

  • Physical Healer

Tsavorite recovers emotional trauma and illness and supports the cellular regeneration process of the body. It is an excellent stone in treating the skin inflammations, detoxifying the body, fortifying kidney and liver, regulating metabolism, and preventing ailments, like arthritis, rheumatism, and arteriosclerosis.

Tsavorite is believed to be a curative remedy for healing respiratory problems and enhancing the immunity of the person. It helps the wearer in getting rid of the infectious diseases. It also helps in the assimilation of vitamin A in the body.

  • Emotional Healer

Grossular Garnet is an excellent crystal to soothe the emotional stages in a relationship especially if one has already been through a broken relationship. It helps in encouraging and building new trust, and the bright green color of Tsavorite dispels the feeling of inadequacy.

Tsavorite is also known to increase creativity and imagination, and reducing financial troubles and anxieties.

  • Spiritual Healer

Grossular Garnet edifies the lesson of abundance, from the materialistic physical wealth to religious connection of the person with the Divine. It sustains the wearer on all the levels and stages of life. It makes one to learn gratitude and spreading his learning.

It is very beneficial to wear green Tsavorite as it helps the person in realizing his own blessings, and working without whatever is missing from one’s life.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Green Grossular Garnet or Tsavorite is believed to heal the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the closet of feelings, emotions, and expressions of a human being that connects him with the outer world. An unbalanced heart chakra gives the feeling of being controlled in a relationship, and it makes the person feel that everyone is bounding him. Tsavorite cleans and rebalances the heart chakra by making the person aware of the ups and downs that are the parts of every relationship.

Tsavorite Facts

Some facts about Tsavorite

  • Tsavorite is the crystal of growth that nurtures, develops, and creates, and brings the life on track.
  • The exact meaning of Grossular Garnet says that one should value and respect himself.
  • All the variants of Garnet honour the Egyptian goddess of war, Sekhmet. However, Tsavorite is also believed to honour the Greek Goddess of Spring, Persephone.
  • Green Grossular Granite, being a Feng Shui talisman, utilizes wood energy that is the epitome of new beginnings, freshness, novelty, expansion, and growth.

Metaphysical Properties

Tsavorite is a variety of the Grossular Garnet group species, which is a calcium aluminium garnet. It is also known as Tsavorite. The other variants of Grossular Garnet are Cinnamon Stone and African Jade. A big question arises here that why this stone is called as Tsavorite when it is the species of a garnet family? Basically, the nomenclature of the stores follows a certain path and rules. This stone was named in the honour of Tsavo national park, and its name was proposed by the former president of Tiffany & Co., Henry Platt. Moreover, most of the stones are prefixed with “it”, which in Greek means the stone, and so it was named as Tsavorite.

Tsavorite is found in large sizes and is rare in gem-quality stones. The crystal system that Tsavorite follows is cubic, and on the Moh’s scale of hardness, it shows a good hardness of 7 to 7.5.




Love, Loyalty, Commitment


Garnet is a stone of health. It enhances your internal fire, bringing your creative powers to the stage of implementation. It is a traditional stone of commitment. The loving powers of Garnet tend to reflect the attributes of devotion.


Chakras: Root, Sacral, Heart
Zodiac: Leo,Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius




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