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Wonderfully protective, Agates are powerfully grounded, earthy healers. They assist greatly in physical & spiritual growth. Their layers help you to unlock new levels of awareness in meditation, as well as strengthen your physical body. All Agates tend to be very grounding and protective.

Some health benefits of Agates


Agates are one of the first gemstones to be used for symbols for luck, as well as in alternative crystal healing. The metaphysical powers and beliefs of agate range widely in diversity and ability, but it can generally be agreed by all that agate is truly a 'Power Stone'.

Metaphysical Beliefs

Agates are known to be very stable and very solid and they keep its wearer very well-grounded. It is also said that agate can help its bearer differentiate between true friendships and those simply impersonating.

Agates can help create, build and sustain a multitude of qualities and emotions. It is also believed that agate can alter the state of mind, and foster feelings of acceptance, balance, harmony, peace and appreciation. In addition, agate can generate and provide one with great wealth, luck, abundance, courage, love, protection and security. Astrologers even claim agate to be a stone of Venus, Mercury, Saturn and the moon.

Agate is an ideal gemstone for many specific situations that one may encounter in everyday life, specifically in stressful situations, or those demanding great courage. This is why anyone and every one would benefit from being presented with an agate pendant or bracelet. For those who suffer from bitterness and have difficuly 'forgiving and forgetting', agate is exceptionally beneficial and especially for those involved in serious relationships, whether it is intended for immediate family or simply friends.

It is said that after 12 years of marriage, a husband and wife should know and understand each other's shades, colors and tones. By this time, they should both be wearing their emotions on the outside, like a tiger wears its stripes. For this reason, agate is considered to be one of the 12th anniversary gemstones, as an alternative to traditional jade.

Agate Healing Powers

In the past, agate beads were used to relieve the suffering caused by chronic coughs, and they were believed to help those with throat and dental disease. In ancient times, in hopes to help amplify agate's ability to heal its wearer, sufferers would etch their healing needs, requests and requests onto the exterior of the stone. By engraving their needs, it would allow agates focus its power on specific requirements. It is also believed, according to ancient stories and beliefs, that agate can transform or provide water with medicinal powers. Agate infused water was used to heal physical wounds, including common the stings or bites of animals and the venom or disease they instilled. Agate can foster the strength of sight, aid in digestion and provide protection from kidney disease. It can protect against dehydration, unsightly skin disease and it can improve one's hearing.

In addition to healing and protective energies, agate is also believed to improve analytical skills. It can improve skills for those having to deal with statistics, numbers and figures, or for those having to use record-keeping programs requiring the need for spreadsheets or charts, which is why agate is considered ideal for those holding professions in accounting, banking and marketing.

How to Wear Agate

So how can you carry agate in order to gain from all the positive energies that agate can provide? Well, many people simply place a large agate crystal on their work desk or on their nightstand. Most people tend to spend a lot of in these areas and can easily benefit from the powers of agate whenever they are around these focal points. Other suggestions on how to use agate include carrying agate key chains, talismans or amulets. You can also wear agate as a hair accessory, such a clip or bow, or more traditionally in earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces or pendants. Although agate is most popularity seen in beaded jewelry designs, it is also great for un-beaded designs, whether pre-shaped or in raw free-form. And for those old fashioned believers, rough agate is most popularity carried loosely in one's pocket or handbag, simply wrapped in a soft, gentle cloth.

All shapes and forms of this stone are available in store and Online Soon!

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