Sulemani Black Agate Stone Tumbled

Sulemani Akik is a Semi Precious Gemstone used by many astrologers to nullify the evil effects of Rahu and Ketu.


It is Black in Color with or without very little line/lines visible on it. It is said to avert the Evil Eye, improves Physical and Mental Health. A great stone for very sincere hard-working people.


Saves wearer from Black Magic, Evil Eye and Tantra attacks. Pacifies the malefic effects of Planet Saturn or strengthens this planet in one’s Horoscope. Increases spiritual inspirations and overcomes negative emotions. Brings the Great Spirit into one’s life. Yellow Hakik Mala under your pillow at night to relieve sleeplessness and bring good dreams. Attracts good fortune. Attracts good fortune by eliminating bad luck. Increases concentration and promotes goodwill.


Aids to overcome flaws, fears, and loneliness. Gives a sense of strength and courage. Black agate is used for Safety, Bravery, and Success It is a powerful healer. Especially beneficial for allergies.


Black agate also encourages fertility, and protects new life.


Yellow Agate Rosary gives courage, strengthens heart, and harmonizes heart, solar and throat plexus.


White Agate Malas promote willpower, self-realization, and spirituality. Bestows inner peace, balances your aura, calms anxiety, and reduces mental stress. Green agate is famous for its healing effects.


Green Hakik Mala is also popular as a peaceful stone mala as it can also be used to help calm nervous minds and control negative thoughts and bad energies.


Red Hakik Mala is the best option for those who have health problems. Red Hakik Mala also controls the blood circulation, skin ailments, epilepsy crises and women’s problems.


Blue Agate Mala prevents nightmares and heals several diseases. It also attracts good luck.


Healers also believe that Hakik Rosary saves a person from black magic and evil eyes. Hakik Rosaries are used as magic stone Malas all over the world. Its power is further increased by magic inscriptions, as found in the graves of American Indians and ancient Romans and Greeks.


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