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Dove Symbolism

Doves are commonly considered a symbol of motherhood because of their unique ability to produce their own milk. Another confirmation about maternal attributes, as well as self-sacrifice for the sake of their offspring, is that they cease foraging for food just before their babies are born. This temporary starvation ensures a purer milk formulation for their offspring.

Historically, dove symbolism is associated with several mother figures:

The Mother Mary in Christian legend (care, devotion, purity and peace)Ishtar in Assyrian culture (promise of hope and salvation)Aphrodite and Venus (viewing the soul or a sense of higher love)

The softly lulling coos of the dove are testimony to a divinely calming presence among us. In fact, their soft vocalizations and docile appearance enhances their interpretation as celestial messengers – or the symbolic link between earth and air. The dove is a symbol of the soul’s release from its earth-bound duty.

On earth, they are intimately aware of their environment and demonstrate a highly developed sense of presence. As creatures of both the earth and the air, doves serve as liaisons between intuitive thought and common reality. This ability to move between two worlds (sky and earth), bird totems are uniquely posed to funnel higher knowledge down to our human conscious awareness. They link intangible knowing (thought, dreams, intuition) with physical practicality (hearth, home, security). Doves represent the balance between thought (air) and matter (earth).

Doves are a popular symbol of divinity, often appearing in religious texts as a messenger from a higher power (think back to Noahs Ark). They represent a connectedness to the universe or god, as they are able to travel through the air and to the heavens with their wings and return to mankind on earth.

What Does it Mean When Doves Appear to You

When you continually see doves, there a few potential meanings. Seeing a dove can mean that it's time to drop any grudges you have been holding. They are reminding you that forgiveness is true freedom, you will continue to see doves until you let go of any hatred, resentment or anger that is weighing you down.

Maternity is always a common feature associated with doves. In nature, doves are self-sacrificing mothers, willing to starve up to a week before giving birth to their children so that their milk will be pure for them. Seeing a dove can also mean that your maternal figures are with you at that moment and to honor your inner feminity. It can also mean that it's time to take a step back and do perform some acts of self-care for yourself. You may be overextending yourself in different aspects of your life, leaving very little energy and love for yourself.

Doves are highly intuitive animals, able to absorb the details of the environment almost instantaneously. When a dove appears to you, it is saying "trust your gut!" Let go of self-doubt and be reassured that you have sound judgment.



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