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The heart chakra is a very important chakra. When it is clogged, unbalanced and not functioning properly, it causes problems with how you relate to others and interrupts the flow between the upper and lower chakras. If you don't heal this chakra and keep it healthy, you may find yourself in the middle of a chakra train wreck, so to speak.

The heart chakra is the 4th chakra. It is the "connector"� between your lower chakras and your upper chakras but it also regulates your interactions with others. An unhealthy heart chakra makes you feel tense all of the time. You may experience a sort of tightness in your chest and back. If you suddenly notice that you feel more comfortable with your arms folded across your chest, your heart chakra is probably in need of a tune-up. You may also feel uncomfortable shaking hands with people and hugging or being hugged. Overreacting to people and situations or becoming easily annoyed or critical are typical symptoms of an unhealthy heart chakra. It can also manifest with actual health problems like lung and heart disorders and has even been associated with breast and lung cancer.


Fortunately, there are wonderful healing crystals that will heal and balance the heart chakra for you. They resonate at just the right rate to clear positive ions from the heart chakra and get it tuned up so it can begin working properly and absorbing negative ions. You will notice a difference almost immediately:

  • That tightness in your chest will dissipate, you'll feel your chest expand and you will suddenly feel as though you can breathe freely again.

  • Your relationships with loved ones and co-workers will begin to improve.

  • You will find you have more patience and actually enjoy interacting with others.

There are a number of ways to use heart chakra healing crystals. A combination of the following works best:

  • Meditate with heart chakra crystals. When you quiet your mind to meditate, focus on the heart chakra. It is located at the center of your chest just above the breastbone. Place the heart chakra crystal on your heart chakra. You should feel your heart chakra respond immediately. There are two ways to do this type of meditation - either lay down to meditate or wear a necklace that places the crystal in the area of the heart chakra when you are sitting down. A 10 to 15 minute session once or twice each day should do the trick. Be sure to align your chakras, too, after you get your heart chakra working properly. What this means is that you simply straighten your posture to align the chakras so the energy can flow freely through all of them in an uninterrupted path.

  • Wear a heart chakra crystal necklace or pendant that holds the crystal above the heart chakra. This will provide all day healing and a little extra support when you need it to get through a particularly difficult interaction or activity.

  • Take a heart chakra crystal elixir or essence. They are made by exposing the water to the crystal vibrations. You may be surprised by how well they work.


Heart chakra crystals are generally green or pink, although there are other types of gemstones that also help heal the heart chakra. Select heart chakra healing crystals that appeal to you. In other words, trust your instincts when you choose your gemstone.

  • Green aventurine has soothing, heart chakra healing energy that promotes balance and harmony. It is also reputed to improve romantic relationships.

  • Pale green and olive peridot gemstones are excellent heart chakra healing crystals. They promote harmony and balance throughout your body, thoughts and emotions. Peridot is especially helpful when you are recovering from the loss of a relationship with a friend or loved one.

  • Rose quartz is a wonderful heart chakra healing crystal. You will feel its healing vibrations right away. It will also give you more clarity and better judgment in the area of personal relationships.

  • Aquamarine is an example of a crystal of another color that heals the heart chakra. It will sooth, heal and activate your heart and throat chakras. If you choose this gemstone, begin using it for only 5 to 10 minutes at first. Even though its energy is very soothing, it may reveal some deep personal truths that you may not be prepared for. Just take it slow with this crystal.

These Crystals and more are all available at the store and online for purchase. Please let us know if you feel as though this article helped you in anyway, and how you'll start working on your Heart chakra!

Until Next time, Namaste

Reference: Unknown Source


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