Stone Set Acts of Service (Love Language)

Stone Set Acts of Service (Love Language)

Act's of Service Stones Set Includes:
Golden Healer Quartz
Red Jasper
Tree Agate
CarnelianCreativity, Physical Vitality, Grounding
Carnelian opens your heart and connects you to your inner self. It stimulates the libido, grounds and balances your Base Chakra, gives you courage and is a powerful physical healer. Its energy is warm, joyous, invigorating, uplifting and open! It increases perceptiveness and inspiration. Use it to dispel sorrow, and to protect from envy, fear and rage.
Chakras: Sacral Zodiac: Cancer, Leo 
Golden QuartzSuccess ~ Confidence ~ Happiness
Golden Quartz the stone of success. It helps increase self-confidence, creativity and bring success in business & entrepreneurship. It works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. In meditation, it filters out distractions and keeps you focused.
Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio 
PrehniteUnconditional Love, Knowledge, Strength
Prehnite brings unconditional love to all areas of our life. It provides us with peace of mind, well-being, absorbs & releases anger, hurt & other undesirable energies. It eases depression, despair, stress, teaches us compromise, removes jealousy, prejudice, anger, hostility and abrasiveness. It fosters a belief of Abundance and Power.
Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Libra, Virgo 
Red Jasper
Emotional Healing ~ Spiritual Grounding ~ Sexuality
Red Jasper gives insight into personal difficulties & gives you a strong sense of stability. It stimulates increased energy, strength & stamina. Wearing is helpful for scattered energy to become centered & balanced. Carry a piece to soothe upset feelings.
Primary Chakra: RootZodiac: Scorpio Sagittarius
Tree Agate 
Grounding ~ Self Discovery
This stone helps the user feel more connected to Mother Earth. Carry tree agate with you while spending time in nature, and place in gardens to help plant growth. Aids self- discovery and allows one to forgive their past selves and to grow into their best self honestly.
Chakras: Heart, Crown
Zodiac: Taurus
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