Cherry Tanzania Quartz Candle

Cherry Tanzania Quartz Candle

Green Tanzanian Quartz

Cleansing~ Prosperity


Green Quartz helps on transmuting negative energy into positive energy, by opening and stabilizing the Heart Chakra. This stone also aids in enhancing the wearer’s empathy and promotes a more giving nature. Wear or work with green quartz to attract prosperity.


Chakras: Heart

Zodiac: Libra, Aquarius, Virgo, Leo, Saggitarius, Scorpio


Cherry Strawberry Quartz From Tanzania Africa


Confidence ~ Libido Cherry Tanzurine assists the carrier in becoming more decisive, confident, courageous, motivated and creative. This crystal stimulates our “prana” or life force energy, helping to circulate blood flow, support liver function and detoxification.

Chakra: Root, Sacral

Zodiac: AllI 


Emerald Tanzurine Quartz, the green color is caused by Fuchsite. Fuchsite is normally seen as a pale green in Ruby Fuchsite or Green Aventurine. In Emerald Tanzurine it ranges from a bright leafy green to a rich Emerald color. Under a microscope, you can see the countless tiny crystals of Fuchsite suspended within the stone. Fuchsite is a form of Muscovite, colored green by Chromium. Chromium is what gives Fuchsite its green color and Rubies its red color. Fuchsite has been termed ‘the Fairy stone’ and is thought to be a stone of miracles and blessings. It is deeply connected to the Earth’s energies and in harmony with the song of Nature’s spirit. A stone of endless possibilities, Fuchsite asks us to reach beyond what we know and take leaps of faith, reassuring us that we will find support throughout our journey.


Fuchsite is one of the most beloved stones for the Heart Chakra, our center and connection to the rhythm of nature. Chromium, in both Fuchsite and Ruby, is among the most influential healing stones for having a strong tie to our emotional energy. A stone of happiness and optimism, Fuchsite’s green color is a trigger for feeling surrounded by life, growth and endless potential. It refreshes the spirit and helps us to have patience in healing, just as nature always finds a way to restore its balanceCherry Tanzurine Quartz contains Lepidolite, technically making it a Lithium Quartz. We call Quartz containing Lepidolite Lithium Quartz because Lepidolite contains 5% Lithium. Its high Lithium content contributes greatly to Lepidolite's healing power in the physical and metaphysical sense.


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