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12 Crystals To Aid with Grief

I've found 12 effective crystals that can help heal grief a little faster for the heart sore as well as draw in more positive energy. There are other crystals that can help grief that may not be on this list, so check which crystals you already have as you may have the perfect one already. For crystals to work on healing grief, they must either be worn or carried on your person for either several days or weeks depending on your situation. May they bring you peace.

Agate can soothe and stabilize the aura. It is a gentle cleansing stone that brings in harmony and helps calm depressive or agitated states. Blue lace agate is a very peaceful stone.

Aquamarine, if you are drawn to it, can help powerfully to release grief and give it over to the universe. At some point, we all must let go, and this crystal can help with that. A soothing, calming stone that will provide comfort.

Amethyst is a wonderful stone to induce tranquility and contentment whilst it also works on soothing any form of negative emotion that is being held onto. It can clear blocked energy and may help one move out of grief or depression sooner.

Ametrine is especially good for grief because it carries the benefits of both amethyst and citrine. Citrine is a crystal of joy that can invigorate and uplift whilst negative blockages are dissolved.

Emerald: This is such a useful, healing stone that many people are not aware of. There is no reason why this heart stone cannot sooth grief as it promotes harmony within. It is a stone that helps to remove negative thoughts. If you have a natural (not man-made) emerald ring then wear it. You can also hold raw emerald, readily available tumbled or rough online or in-store!

Larimar is a stone of joy and peace that can help with grief. It can also bring us closer to angels who can help send us love from their realms. It is able to dissolve energy blockages we may be carrying from the past. Ease away grief before it becomes a blockage. Do stay clear of the heat-treated stone variety and go with natural.

Malachite is excellent for depression and also grief. It can heal the heart by drawing out past hurts or trauma, allowing one to grieve properly and not hold onto emotions or stuff them down. A transformative stone that helps to release the past and bring peace.

Moonstone can help soothe the emotions and make sense of them better. Rainbow moonstone can particularly help with grief as it is a stone of joy that will balance the emotional body and allow one to let go safely. Also a stone of optimism, it can work wonders for the bereaved.

Rose Quartz the queen of love stones, is a beautiful and gentle crystal that heals the heart of past and present pain. It is calming and fills us with love. Wear a rose quartz necklace or pendant over the heart chakra for powerful healing. I recommend this stone because it fills our hearts with gentle love as it heals us. It encourages us to stay open, helping us to move on when the time is right.

Rhodochrosite can help with grief and banish negative thoughts from one's mind. It can aid in bringing back cheerful thoughts and spontaneity.

Rhodonite is a good crystal if grief is being repressed and one is unable to move through it, or is in denial. It can bring grief out of hiding and to the surface to be experienced and released, allowing a person to move on for good.

Pink Tourmaline is wonderful to work with for grief. Its energy is so soft and loving but full of joy. A very uplifting stone, it is deeply relaxing, comforting, with the ability to make us feel secure. Mostly found in jewelry, it is not too expensive to find a ring with a beautiful pink tourmaline stone.


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