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How to Use Our Ritual Cleansing Items: It is ideal to cleanse a space at the onset of any ritual.

Begin by setting an intention for the ritual.

Light the tip of the Bundle or Stick with an open flame.

Let the flame burn for 30-60 seconds. Blow out the flame. Begin at the front door of the home. Move in a clockwise direction through the space while wafting the smoke.

Be careful not to skip the corners of rooms, as this is where latent negative energy often hides. When finished, extinguish the Bundle or Stick by pressing it gently into a bowl of sand or another fireproof extinguishing surface.

Our Abalone Shell serves as an excellent vessel. For best results, use this ritual once to twice a week, or whenever unpure energy resonates.

To be used with our Sage Bundle, Cedar Bundle, Palo Santo Stick, and our originally curated bundles, Clean + Clear Kit, Sacred Space Kit.


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