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Collage's Crystals 101: Amazonite

History of Amazonite: A warrior stone if there ever was one, Amazonite's story starts around 10th Century BC, where it is said that the warrior women of the Amazon would wear this stone upon their shields during battle and use it to heal ailments. The popularity of Amazonite continued to rise as Spanish colonizers began to work the stone into their everyday fashion marveling over the stone's beautiful color. It is also recorded that Amazonite, then called Neshmet, was such a highly revered stone in Ancient Egypt, that Chapter Seven, The Judgement of Osiris of the Book of the Dead was carved into a slab of pure Amazonite. On special request, amulets of amazonite carved into the body of a scarab were made for women to symbolize and strengthen their fertility.

Amazonite Meaning and Healing: Amazonite is known as the stone of truth, as it quiets mind chatter, enhances clarity and works with the throat chakra to ensure improved and clear communication. Much like the Amazonian warriors it was once utilized by, Amazonite contains a strong but nurturing, confident energy, helping those who have a fear of confrontation or often dim down their personalities due to fearing judgement.

Physically, Amazonite is an all around healer, but is especially helpful with cell regeneration. Rubbing amazonite on wounds like scrapes, blisters, acne or eczema can speed up your body's recovery. With it's strong connection to the throat chakra, Amazonite makes for a great stone for those who are suffering from thyroid issues.

Emotionally, Amazonite can greatly help children and adults who have pent up anger or aggression, and can help the user think rationally, instead of from emotion.

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