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Full Moon in Libra whats in store

Full moon libra

We live in a memorable time, a collapse of the system, values, conceptions, institutions, a total re-encoding of life, its organization and its way of being lived which is taking place, as if we were old computers infected with viruses, with old files and old patterns, that we need to reset in order to make room for renewal and creativity to manifest. This is what we are going through, both in our bodies and in our lives… Nothing will be the same again and even if everything is blurred and our future is uncertain, we all have an internally well-defined plan for the future to give to our journey. If there was a mantra for this Full Moon, it would be- “We are all in the same boat.” The full moon from April 7 to 8 calls us to start thinking about how we can come together to support each other, rather than finding ourselves stuck or mired in our own lives and what they have become since all the changes that 2020 has brought our way. It is the brightest and largest Super Full Moon of the year and its message shines just as bright – be there for the others. Put yourself in the place of others. Reach out to support and in turn watch how you are held. Even if we feel alone, isolated and uncertain, we are all in the same boat and the only way to go is to unite. Table of Contents How can you connect to the unit? How can you feel into the river of stars that live in you and the you that lives in the river of stars? On a spiritual level, we are all connected, but here in the physical world, we appear to be separate. It is part of our journey in this life to be individual beings, but in our hearts, we are one and the same person. We believe that all our collective thoughts, actions, and vibrations also constitute this reality in which we find ourselves. We have always been together, but now we are guided to recognize this universal truth for ourselves and the power it can bring. If you start to feel restless or anxious about your current situation, think about how you can support and reach out to others. Get out of your head for a moment, put your own problems aside and see what you can offer the world, others, the community or the Universe. It doesn’t have to be big, it can be a short prayer, a phone call, a donation, a helping hand, or an act of compassion. No contribution is too small and no contribution will go unnoticed. The fabric of our reality moves and changes, which means that it is now a time when it is most sensitive to our vibrations. Now is the time when we can improve the tapestry of our reality through mindfulness, love, and awareness. Astrology of the Full Moon in Libra This Full Moon of April 8 will therefore be in the sign of Libra, a sign of balance, harmony, and justice. Being closer to Earth, and having a more powerful energy, this Full Moon which is called “SUPER Moon” should highlight, and this in a pronounced way, the areas of your life where it transits in each theme, as if certain parts of your life were put under the microscope increasing and amplifying considerably the feelings and the emotion of what is lived at that time. Opposed to the Sun in the sign of Aries, we will have to manage the “me” and the “we”, a little more than usual, learn to exist with the other to maintain harmonious relationships. Indeed, under the perfect influences of the conjunction Jupiter / Pluto, 3 days before, i.e. April 5, 2020, which pushes and forces changes in our lives and this exponentially, we risk of amplifying our fears, our anxieties, our destructive instinctive impulses, and our inner chaos. We will be grappling with the Sun in Aries, between energies of anger, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, impatience and with the Moon in Libra with energies of sociability, social sense, good manners, objectivity and rigor in our relationship with others. It must be said that this Full Moon is always under the bad influences of Neptune which symbolizes the disease and therefore the Coronavirus, but also the vague and uncertain side of things, thereby considerably pushing our collective unconscious to more confusion and disorder in our minds for some, and more intuition and receptivity for others, but also increasing our emotional and therefore our fears in the face of this pandemic. But thanks to the conjunction Mercury / Neptune, we can tap into our intuitive intelligence, our perceptions and especially our inspiration to keep, or contact positive thoughts and make better choices, organize differently in confinement while adapting, and while making the best use of our capacities, while opening up more to exchanges and contacts by phone or internet. We have to stay flexible, skillful and try to take advantage of this confinement and all that we live to give a certain truth, a certain awareness or a certain depth to all of this, thanks to the Mercury / Pluto harmony, while taking a step back on events with the Mercury / Saturn harmony. What should You do during this Full Moon This Full Moon can amplify your current emotional state, which can be a great tool for self-discovery but can also be overwhelming. Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with others. Now is the time to practice compassion, to remember that we are all suffering and struggling in our own way and to look for ways to reduce the burden on those around us. Gentle kindness will help us navigate these strong lunar vibrations, but it is also important to practice personal care and allow the full moon to work for liberation and detoxification. Full moons have the ability to draw things out of us. While it can be a cleanse, it can also stir up the pain in the forefront and highlight the wounds we buried. Staying hydrated, exercising, journaling, meditating, being creative, reaching out to friends, all of these simple personal care practices may be necessary right now. There is no doubt that these times are difficult and the sky also shows difficult alignments. But you are not alone in this area. Take some comfort in knowing that this journey will end soon. Everything is temporary, and through this period of uncertainty, there is no doubt that you grow, you evolve and the planet does the same. We wish you all a very good SUPER Full Moon, stay at home and continue to take care of yourself … The energies can be strong, but depending on how you apprehend all these events, you can make them lighter and easier to cross… Source:


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