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How to make your Home a Sanctuary

Integrating your craft into your home can be a daunting task. Unless you’re just a stellar housekeeper your home is likely at least a little messy all of the time. Unopened mail might still be sitting on the counter, that pile of laundry that you just didn’t get to this week is still on the floor or maybe you’ve just got a little extra clutter from too many missed spring cleanings.

Turning your home into a safe haven isn’t for everyone, there are a lot of reasons to give it a go and everyone is going to have different motivations (or no motivation, which is ok too). Your home is where you base yourself. This is where you sleep, eat and come together with loved ones. Using intuitive ways to ensure that space is always positive and energetic can improve the quality of the time you spend there, help you unwind more easily and give you a place of stillness in the midst of the chaos of life.

A Few Healing Home Ideas

Enchant the mirrors in your house to give everyone who looks into them a boost in their self esteem/body image.

Place a candle on the stove to symbolize the traditional hearth fire

Make a creative welcome mat that draws in good company and keeps away the bad

Pay close attention to the sort of energy your decor creates and adjust it to help create the energy you want in your home.

Is the TV the center of your home? Electronics can drastically change the feel of a space, try moving it to a less central spot and focus your rooms on something else

Playing music and changing the scent in a room can suffice for a quick energetic shift.

Try setting a small pot of water with cranberries, orange peel, cinnamon or mint on the stove to simmer.

Get rid of stuff! Your belongings hang onto energy.

Gifts from people you don’t like? Stop being polite and letting their energy invade your house. Chuck it. Anything that reminds you of past relationships can go. In fact, cleaning house post breakup is super important! Get rid of any lingering reminders, wash their smell out of everything and clean your mattress thoroughly.

If it’s broken do away with it. I know, I know, you’re planning to get around to fixing it eventually. How often do you actually do that though? If you aren’t willing to sit down right now to fix it you probably won’t ever get to it. Throw it away or give it to someone who will have a use for it.

If you haven’t used it in the last year, chances are you won’t use it in the next year either. Get rid of it. Make a habit of decluttering in small ways every day.

Don’t let the mail pile up, clean up dishes left in odd rooms, pick up laundry, and just generally put things back where they belong. This goes a long way toward keeping the energy flow moving through your home smoothly. Put bells on your doors. Bells help to clear energy, every time you open a door that room gets a little cleansing boost.

Cleaning your house can be turned into more than just house magic. You can visualize yourself sweeping away worries or scrubbing old habits that aren’t serving you away as well.

Bake bread. This really falls more under the heading of kitchen but the smell of baking bread (or cookies!) wafting through your home can alter the energy in lovely ways and it’s also great for bringing prosperity to the house.

Hopefully this gives you guys some ideas and motivation to start making your home a little more magical :) Remember not to overdo it, making a home is a constant, gradual process, not a marathon!



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