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Life Path # 3

Life Path 3s are known as the Creative of all the life paths.

Extroverted and entertaining, life path 3s are known for their artistic ability and desire to showcase their talents to the world.

Life Path 3s are also know for their written and spoken word, captivating any and every audience, though this does make them susceptible to mindless chatter and indulging in a little bit of gossip

Life Path 3s gift the world with awesome perspectives and arts, but they are here to learn to become more organized, and a tad more grounded.

The inner child is alive within those that have Life Path 3s, their curiosity and goofiness never leaving them.

They must learn how to use their talents to benefit their stability in life, especially in the financial sense.

3s are visionaries and thrive in jobs such as any type of artist, public speaker, flight attendant, event planner, interior designer, chefs and hair/ makeup stylists

Reference: Unknown Source


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