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Life Path 4

Life Path 4s are the hard worker, the goal achiever and the logic based of the life path numbers

4s are nothing short of dedicated, completing project after project, clearing debt after debt, all while bringing an air of practicality to every environment they find themselves in.

detail oriented, 4s make excellent book - keepers, architects, ceo's, managers and can often find themselves excelling in tech oriented jobs.

life path 4 is the sensible adult of the life paths, and is often known as "the friend that has their sh*t together." 4s find a way to overcome anything and everything that tries to hinder their progress in life.

in this lifetime, 4s need to learn how to loosen their grip on life, laugh more and make more time for play while balancing work.

4s will also learn how to be softer when it comes to processing your own emotions and feelings, and will discover that opening up a little won't hurt either.

Reference: Unknown Source


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