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Life Path 5

Life Path 5s are multifaceted, equipped with an array of talents and interests!

5s love adventure, and are all about living in the moment.

Fear isn't in their vocabulary, as they are open to almost all new experiences and are welcome to all types of change.

free spirited, life path 5s are not natural committers, as it often takes them some time to become tied down to a relationship, job and home base.

They thrive in job positions where they have both time and location freedom, or where travelling is a part of the position.

life path 5s must be wary of overindulgence, which sometimes appears as overspending, over exercising, sex, alcohol and drugs.

Their ability to relate to anyone and everyone, coupled with their natural charisma, life path 5s excel in positions such as salespeople, promoting, real estate, entertainers , publicists, reporters and more.

In this lifetime, life path 5s will learn how to be confident in their morals and in their sense of self, while also becoming more focused and consistent.

Reference: Unknown Source


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