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Life Path 7

Life Path 7s are known as the thinkers and truth seekers of the numbers.

7s are introspective, constantly thinking of possible outcomes and solutions for problems and questions that usually pertain to philosophy, education, metaphysics and science.

the truth is what life path 7 is after, an understanding of the world and human behavior is what intrigues them the most.

because of their (what seems like), endless train of thought, 7s need a lot of time to decompress and reground themselves to reality, which calls for a lot of alone time.

if you are a 7 you may find yourself attracted to bodies of water, nature and activities

like meditation and mindful yoga.

life path 7s often excel in jobs where they constantly learn, such as psychologists, journalists, scientists, analysts, it/ engineering and investigators.

in this lifetime, life path 7s will be learning how to become more open minded to other perspectives, create relationships instead of isolating and how to become more trusting

Reference: Unknown Source


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