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Life Path 8s

Life Path 8s have money on the mind.

known as business minded, life path 8s are focused on creating abundance in their life, starting with financial.

they know that money means freedom in most scenarios and work every day towards this goal.

8 is the number of manifestation, so if this is your life path number you may have noticed that you are able to manifest quite easily.

life path 8s that find it difficult to manifest, must adopt an abundance mindset, or the knowing that you can give because you will always receive in tenfold.

many life path 8s find themselves starting owning businesses or managing them from higher up positions such as ceo or supervisor.

8s are commonly self employed or enjoy jobs where they are self managed and can make their own hours.

in this lifetime, 8s will learn how to communicate effectively, and use their power and words wisely, while staying humble.

Reference: Unknown Source


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