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Life Path 9s

9s are known as the humanitarian and the helping hand.

Life path 9s are compassionate, full of ideas to make the world better and the action to make it happen.

this life path often finds themselves in positions where they can be on the forefront of change, taking positions in government, politics, education and health.

although this path is one that is focused on change, it means 9s will also have to do some growing if they plan to develop and step into their path.

in this lifetime, life path 9s will learn how to adopt a broader, more open perception of the world and the people in it.

9s often struggle with accepting and remaining open to people different than themselves, but they must learn to love and adapt.

9 is actually ruled by mars, the planet of action , making life path 9s prone to bouts of fire and zeal when they are fighting for something they believe in.

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