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Meaning of Skulls

Many of us, if not all are not aware of the deeper spiritual meaning of skulls. Yes, during Halloween, they're spooky, scary and sometimes cute in the right context. But you may have found yourself wondering: What is the true meaning of the skull?

The Skull In Hindu Culture,

Glancing at Hindu art of gods and goddesses, you'll see that they were often adorned with jewelry made of skulls. Skulls represented ultimate strength, the ability to conquer death

Mexican Culture

We see the theme of skulls in Mexican cultures in Dia De Los Muertos, otherwise known as the Day of the Dead. This is a day set aside to honor one's ancestors, by making altars or ofrendas and making offerings in the form the deceased's favorite food or drink.

"During the festival, decorated skulls are placed around the gravestones of the deceased to create whimsical decorations that celebrate death instead of mourning lost relatives and friends.

They are known as sugar skulls because they were originally made from molded sugar and decorated with bright feathers, beads, and icing" ( The Significance of Skulls in Art Around the World).

In this context, skulls represent transformation, the transition from life to death, leaving the physical body and becoming spirit again. Skulls and death are seen as something to celebrated, revered and remembered, rather than something to fear.

Skulls Keep Appearing to You

The universe, god or whatever you believe in, speaks to us in different ways, sometimes through numbers and other times through vessels such as animals or objects.

If skulls keep appearing to you, or you feel that you resonate heavily with skulls, it can mean that you're close to forgiveness. There might be a toxic relationship or situation coming to a close and it's time for you to move on and let go.

Another explanation can be that a chapter of your life is closing and a new one is opening up! Remember, skulls can represent transformation. Whether it's the death of a career or a current living situation, your next opportunity is aligning you with your highest potential/good.

Do you resonate with the symbolism of skulls? Let us know in the comments below!


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