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Meet the Owner

Rock Collage is where self care meets in the spiritual (big text)

The small town of Teaneck NJ, became a little more vibrant when CEO Judith Pierre Dazle moves her business here.

Walking into Rock Collage, you’ll see the tasteful collection of exotic stones she has to offer, you’ll be able to hear the care she has for each customer in her voice, 

But the feeling.

The feeling from being in her space, 

The energy that you are greeted with, 

Is something that is simply not found anywhere else.

She began Rock Collage with one wish and one intention:

To help others. 

Whether it be through a session of reiki (link), group meditation (link) or an intuitive jewelry making appointment, 

The goal is to help heal as many souls, hearts and people that walk through her door. 

And to do so honestly. 

In this lifestyle, integrity is worth everything. Which is why she’s dedicated 6+ years of her life, to becoming a licensed crystal practitioner, reiki master and life coach, ensuring that her client’s experience is both thorough and fulfilling. 

Self love and care is often scarce in today’s society, most of us are ridden with stress, anxiety and depression,

But Rock Collage...

This is where self care is a priority, where self love thrives,

This is where self care and the spiritual meet.

Reference: Unknown Source


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