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Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Moon calls on you to speak your dreams into reality

There is something about this Pisces Full Moon that feels hard to describe, hard to pin down. It’s almost like its energy is hidden, foggy, or perhaps, just beyond words.

Maybe it’s not about trying to understand what this cosmic event will bring with the mind. Maybe instead, it’s about feeling, listening to your body, and working with your own intuitive flow.

The Pisces Full Moon comes into full bloom on September 10, one day after Mercury, the planet of the mind, stations retrograde.

These two cosmic events unfolding back to back create a strong wave of energy that is likely to feel scattering, chaotic, and confusing. We may feel unsettled in our being or unsure of how to proceed ahead. Things may not feel as clear as we would like them to.

If you are feeling out of sorts as the Full Moon peaks, come back to your center and see where you may be holding on too tightly. Release control. Let go of any mental chatter, let go of trying to understand and make sense of things, and instead, move into the space led by your heart.

Maybe the answers or direction you are seeking won’t come from thinking things through but from feeling things through.

The heart doesn’t have to know, it doesn’t need a tangible answer, its only job is to feel. And, when we let that feeling rise up, when we give that feeling permission to be, it can move us, direct us, and become our guiding light.

While we may feel our outside world slowing down, our internal world is likely to be buzzing under the September Full Moon. We may feel past issues, old wounds, or things we have been too afraid to look at coming back up to the surface. We may have to finally take the time to pause and listen to what our inner world is trying to say.

Trying to control or force things is not going to work under this energy. Instead, we need to surrender; we need to allow; we may even need to sit back and allow things to unfold without our interference.

Your inner world always presents the wisdom you need at the perfect timing, so trust in this, and allow it to bring you comfort as you work through these energies.

The Pisces Full Moon also carries energy that helps to thin the veil, allowing us to access our intuition, higher self, and spirit guides with greater ease. We all have the ability to connect with Spirit, we don’t have to be “spiritual” or special or even meditate every day. Each one of us possesses the gift to connect.

Simply set an intention from the heart, and trust that you have been heard. Then, stay open to any signs, dreams, or intuitive pings that follow. The more open and trusting you are, the more likely you are to receive.

Mars, the planet of action and energy is activated under this Full Moon too, which could trigger our more sensitive emotions, leaving us vulnerable or even moody.

If other people’s actions, critics, or expectations have caused conflict, this date in the Moon calendar 2022 invites us to be easier on ourselves than others have allowed us to be. The August New Moon 2022 said crush your goals - the September Full Moon 2022 says dig deeper and speak your dreams into reality. Remember that Virgo season 2022 is in full swing, and considered a harvesting time after all. Because Full Moons are times of clarity, where all that was previously in development or unfolding has reached its conclusion.

September Full Moon 2022, also known as the Harvest Moon, is significant because it is conjunct Neptune, the planet associated with fogginess and confusion - and is also during Neptune retrograde 2022. As stargazers, we get the added benefit of now knowing that any conclusions we seem to reach at this time may require us to slow down and not rush to judgment. We’re invited to keep an open mind and not be too rigid or exact about our pronouncements at this time, especially if we’re relying on our cognitive capabilities. Intuitive functioning is the name of this Moon’s game, so remember to go with your gut. It won’t lie to you.


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