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Programming Your Crystals

Lot's have asked, so here is some more insight!

If you're a crystal newbie, the idea of programming your crystals may seem a little out of left field, or maybe the phrase is like a foreign language to you. And that's ok! That's why we've decided to clear the air and confusion for you guys by creating this blog post, so read along and woosaaa your way clarity.

What Does Programming Your Crystals Mean?

In it's simplest form, the definition of programming your crystals is using 1 of 2 methods to get your crystals to work with and for you. If you want love, you've got to program that rose quartz first.

More often than not, the majority of people are unaware of the fact that you have to program your crystals and end up thinking that their stones refuse to work with them.

In other cases, you or your friends may have not have the slightest clue what programming is or looks like, but have been practicing it since getting your very first crystal.

Whichever team you fall under, it doesn't matter, because we have gotcha covered. Keep reading for our 2 favorite crystal programming methods!

Method #1: Repetition

Repetition: The simpler of methods, this way of programming your crystals requires consistency.

Let's say you decide to use a clear quartz for mediation. You would use your clear quartz for this activity only.

Over time, your crystal will become adapted to the energy you desire for your meditation sessions.

Method #2: Visualization and Concentration

Visualization and Concentration: This method utilizes your mind's power to the fullest! As you hold your stone or piece of jewelry, focus all your intentions, thoughts and desires into the stone.

Use visualization and feelings to make this method even stronger.

For example, if you are programming citrine with Visualization and Concentration, you would visualize your monetary goals, how it would feel to get a raise or receive a new opportunity at work.

Allow yourself to feel the happiness and joy you would feel in that moment.

When using this method, be sure to program your crystals with their appropriate properties. An example: you would not program rose quartz for protection, as it does not possess this property.

You CAN program it for love and harmony within all your relationships.

In this world, intention is everything, so be sure you are in the right mindset when you are programming and putting intention into your crystals.

Want to program your crystals but aren't sure of their appropriate properties? Check out our Crystal Library Blogs, for the history, metaphysical, physical and everything in between facts about over 200 stones we house in store :)

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