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The Magic of Teas

Tea is an excellent way to incorporate green witchcraft and herbal magick into your daily life. here is a list of the magickal properties of different teas.

☾ black teas: the teas of winter. known to bring excitement, courage, and financial fortune.

    ♱ English breakfast: warmth, happiness, and courage

    ♱ Irish breakfast tea: energy, strength, and willpower

    ♱ earl grey: the best tea for attracting money and fortune

    ♱ chai: love, prosperity, happiness, and healing

white teas: the teas of spring, and the sun. known to heal and cleanse the drinker, as well as enhance spiritual communication and psychic energy.

    ♱ silver needle: purification, cleansing and healing

    ♱ white peony: protection against mischief and ill will

green teas: the teas of summer. known for its powers of health, longevity, love and passion.

    ♱ sencha: prosperity, physical healing, mental strength

    ♱ matcha: love, passion and lust

    ♱ hojicha: banishing negativity, self-love, and health

    ♱ jasmine: spiritual love, energy charging

oolong teas: the teas of autumn. known to inspire love, serenity, reflection, and balance.

    ♱ iron goddess: clarity of mind and heart

    ♱ osmanthus: transformation, harmony and serenity

herbal teas: mixtures of herbs across all the seasons, with varying magickal properties.

    ♱ chamomile tea: love, healing, reducing stress

    ♱ peppermint: sleep, prophetic dreams, clearing negative energy

    ♱ lemon ginger tea: openness, cleansing, adventure

    ♱ dandelion root: divination, wishes, calling spirits

    ♱ fennel: vitality, banishing, energy

    ♱ ginseng: love, beauty, protection

    ♱ hibiscus: love lust, dreams

    ♱ echinacea: spirit offering, money drawing

Drink tea's when you want to relax, invite peace, or whatever!

How often or if at all do you drink teas?



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