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What is a Chakra and What Does it Do?

A chakra is an energetic center within the auric and physical body of every human. Chakras are also referred to as discs or wheels of energy and serve as the nonphysical highway through which cosmic energy travels, connecting this energy with the physical body. This cosmic energy is what we call Life Force or Prana. There are over 100 total chakras in the body according to the tantric texts, and there is still debate over the exact number. There are seven main chakras that align with specific, vertically stacked key points along the midline of the physical body, running from the base of the spine through the crown of the head. Yogis and energy workers tend to focus on these seven main chakras as they correspond with massive nerve centers in the body. The flow and alignment of the main chakras are critical to our health and vitality. There are two additional “anchor” energetic centers that connect us with Earth and Spirit.

What Does a Chakra Do? Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “disc”. These energy centers are depicted as spinning discs of light that govern our psychological experience as affected by both mental and emotional stimuli. Depending on whether a chakra is open or closed, aligned or misaligned, underactive or overactive, each spinning disc can drastically alter one’s energetic, physical, or spiritual state of being. Achieving a balance among the chakras and working to release blockages within these energetic points allows Prana to flow through easily, for a healthy, balanced, and enlightened existence. When the chakra system is in balance, we are balanced. Chakra imbalances can manifest in behavioral, emotional, spiritual, and physical illnesses and issues.

Each main chakra (Root to Crown) also has an association with a specific color, a certain group of emotions or feelings, behaviors, physical organs, and a precise location in the physical body. The chakras and their associations are as follows:

0) The Earth Star Chakra Also known as the Super Root, the Earth Star Chakra is about twelve to eighteen inches below the soles of our feet and is the grounding point for the entire chakra system. It aligns and connects us to the magnetic core of the earth. A healthy active Earth Star Chakra helps us release negative energy and draw pure divine energy from Mother Earth. When we are grounded, we feel empowered, held, and protected. And when we move from that space of empowerment, we show up beautifully in our lives for ourselves and for others.

Tools for unblocking and balancing the Earth Star Chakra

Earth Star Chakra Gems & Minerals: petrified wood, sardonyx, red jasper, Tibetan quartz, black kyanite, tektite, brookite

Earth Star Chakra Herbs: ceremonial tobacco, white ceremonial sage, black and pink peppercorn, red clover, myrrh and frankincense resin, galangal root

Earth Star Chakra Essential Oils: sandalwood, labdanum, olibanum, copal, styrax, white ceremonial sage, frankincense, myrrh

1) The Root Chakra This is considered the first chakra, located at the base of the spine. Its color correspondences are red and brown. The Root Chakra resonates with groundedness, stability, and security. This is the chakra to focus on in meditation if you are feeling afraid or unsafe. If you are too stuck in your ways, unwilling to accept change or transition, your Root Chakra may be overactive. This chakra influences the male reproductive system, rectum, elimination, kidneys, adrenals, and lower spine.

Tools for unblocking and balancing the Root Chakra

Root Chakra Gems & Minerals: black tourmaline, jet, onyx, red jasper, red aventurine

Root Chakra Herbs: burdock, clove, dandelion, rosemary, paprika, cayenne, allspice, nutmeg

Root Chakra Essential Oils: vetiver, black pepper, rosemary, cedarwood, angelica, clove

2) The Sacral Chakra This is considered the second chakra, located in the pelvic area, between the hips. Its color correspondence is orange. The Sacral Chakra resonates with sexuality, passion, and creativity. This is the chakra to focus on if you are feeling emotionally rigid, apathetic, creatively stumped, or closed off to intimacy. And if you tend to be hypersexual or get emotionally attached easily, your Sacral Chakra may be overactive.This chakra influences the female reproductive system, kidneys, bladder, and large intestine.

Tools for unblocking and balancing the Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra Gems & Minerals: carnelian, orange calcite, shiva lingam, imperial topaz, goldstone, sunstone, peach moonstone, tangerine quartz

Sacral Chakra Herbs: coriander, calendula, fennel, licorice, cinnamon, vanilla

Sacral Chakra Essential Oils: ginger, cinnamon cassia, blood orange, tangerine, ylang ylang, vanilla, fennel

3) The Solar Plexus Chakra This is considered the third chakra, located above the belly button. Its color correspondence is yellow, or gold. The Solar Plexus Chakra resonates with personal power, self-confidence, and force of will. This is the chakra to focus on if you are feeling powerless or timid. And if you tend to be domineering, bordering on aggressive behavior, your Solar Plexus Chakra may be overactive. Self-esteem issues often arise here. This chakra influences the liver, upper spine, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, and helps with metabolism.

Tools for unblocking and balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra Gems & Minerals: citrine, pyrite, golden calcite, golden healer quartz, orpiment, yellow fluorite, yellow jade, yellow aventurine, amber, copal, tiger’s eye

Solar Plexus Chakra Herbs: anise, celery, cinnamon, lily of the valley, marshmallow, mint, melissa, turmeric, cumin

Solar Plexus Chakra Essential Oils: lily of the valley, lemon, helichrysum, juniper, grapefruit, neroli, tea tree

4) The Heart Chakra This is considered the fourth chakra, located at the heart. Its color correspondences are green and pink. The Heart Chakra resonates with love and compassion. This is the chakra to focus on if you are feeling closed off, cold, and lacking kindness towards yourself and/or others. And if you tend to smother people with your affection, your Heart Chakra may be overactive. This chakra influences the thymus, heart, and lungs.

Tools for unblocking and balancing the Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra Gems & Minerals: pink tourmaline, mangano calcite, rose quartz, girasol, rhodochrosite, chrysoprase, idocrase

Heart Chakra Herbs: cayenne, hawthorn berries, jasmine, lavender, marjoram, rose, thyme, cilantro, parsley

Heart Chakra Essential Oils: rose, jasmine, cacao, cardamom, palmarosa, bergamot, black spruce

5) The Throat Chakra This is considered the fifth chakra, located at the throat. Its color correspondence is blue. The Throat Chakra resonates with self-expression and honest communication. This is the chakra to focus on if you are feeling withdrawn and aren’t able to speak from a place of truth. If you tend to speak too freely and openly, bordering on dictatorial or offensive, or if you tend to be a poor listener, your Throat Chakra may be overactive. This chakra influences the thyroid, neck, jaw, upper lungs, mouth, and throat.

Tools for unblocking and balancing the Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra Gems & Minerals: aqua aura quartz, amazonite, angelite, celestite, turquoise

Throat Chakra Herbs: coltsfoot, blackberry, elderberry, common sage, salt, lemongrass, bay laurel, chamomile, eucalyptus, geranium

Throat Chakra Essential Oils: petitgrain, blue chamomile, bay laurel, blue yarrow, Peru balsam, fir balsam

6) The Third Eye Chakra This is considered the sixth chakra, located at the forehead, between the eyes. Its color correspondence is indigo. The Third Eye Chakra resonates with intuition, insight, and psychic vision. This is the chakra to focus on if you are feeling out of touch with your instincts. If you tend to carry a sense of paranoia about what your gut tells you, or overanalyze ordinary experiences, your Third Eye Chakra may be overactive. This chakra influences the pituitary gland, hormones, eyes, and brain.

Tools for unblocking and balancing the Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra Gems & Minerals: azurite, lapis lazuli, blue aventurine, tanzanite, sodalite, labradorite

Third Eye Chakra Herbs: eyebright, juniper, mugwort, poppy, mandrake root, blue lotus, cypress

Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils: mugwort, blue lotus, juniper, cypress, yarrow, opoponax

7) The Crown Chakra This is considered the seventh chakra, located at the top of the head. Its color correspondence is purple. The Crown Chakra resonates with wisdom, connection to the spiritual realm, and attunement with the Universe. This is the chakra to focus on if you are feeling spiritually disconnected or making foolish decisions. If you tend to be “in the clouds” all the time, your Crown Chakra may be overactive and you may need grounding in your lower chakras. This chakra influences the pineal gland, brain stem, spinal cord, and biological cycles – including sleep.

Tools for unblocking and balancing the Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra Gems & Minerals: amethyst, scapolite, purple fluorite, auralite 23, super 7, stichtite, charoite, lepidolite, sugilite, selenite

Crown Chakra Herbs: gotu kola, lavender, pink lotus, St. John’s wort

Crown Chakra Essential Oils: gotu kola, lavender, pink lotus, palo santo, spikenard, frangipani

8) The Soul Star Chakra The eighth chakra, called the Soul Star Chakra or Seat of the Soul, is about six to twelve inches above the Crown. This chakra is a portal to the Higher Realms through which very high-frequency light can enter our etheric field. It is believed that this chakra is the gateway through which the soul enters at birth to bind with the physical body, and then departs through at death when it returns to the Collective. Activation and clearing of the Soul Star Chakra throws a cosmic doorway wide open through which we can connect with the enlightened beings who exist beyond our physical reality.

Tools for unblocking and balancing the Soul Star Chakra

Soul Star Chakra Gems & Minerals: scolecite, herderite, optical calcite, danburite, moldavite, rainbow moonstone, Herkimer diamond, diamond

Soul Star Chakra Herbs: white lotus, anise, basil, myrtle

Soul Star Chakra Essential Oils: anise, basil, cistus, davana, white lotus, gardenia, elemi, tuberose

How to Work with the Chakras to Achieve Energetic Balance Taking a yoga class is a great way to achieve energetic balance and alignment of the mind, body, and soul. For example, a hip opening yoga pose would activate the Root Chakra. Another way to work with these energy centers is to simply close your eyes, drop into a quiet meditation, and visualize each one spinning in the light of its associated color. Start from the Earth Star and make your way to the Soul Star in this visualization. Or you can simply focus your visualization on the one that feels blocked or speaks to you. Your chakras will show you what they and you need if you find the place of stillness to listen. Let intuition be your guide.



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