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What is an Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to feel or understand something immediately, without conscious reasoning. Intuition is also known as the "6th sense" because it is not something that can be learned or identified by the 5 senses.

Here are some signs of Intuition:

  • You have a special connection with nature

  • You sense the emotions of people around you

  • You have vivid dreams

  • You receive messages from what feels like the Universe

Have you been to our shop recently?

We have received many new products such as incense, tumbled crystals, polished stones & much more!

Here are some stones great for working on enhancing your intuition.

Amethyst encourages spiritual development & intuition while enhancing psychic abilities. This crystal can bring mental clarity by purifying, regenerating, & amplifying one’s connection with the Universe. Amethyst facilitates dreaming, meditation & channeling messages from the spiritual realm.

Moonstone can become like a faithful companion, guiding you through dark moments in life. It helps to relieve stress & remove emotional blockages. This crystal is also very efficient at developing your intuition & enhancing your psychic abilities while balancing your Yin & Yang.

Lapis Lazuli is ideal for helping you understand your spiritual journey. It stimulates the subconscious mind, increases psychic abilities, develops intuition, bestows wisdom & brings inner peace. Moreover, this gemstone helps to expand your consciousness, mental clarity & problem-solving skills.

There are so many more options, some may work better than others when you are on your journey. Hit the reply if you'd like to schedule a consult with us on what can work for you. or stop in and see what calls your attention!

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