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10 Herbs to Help You

I picked these herbs based on how common they were and the different functions they help with. Always be careful with herbs when it comes to how you use them and what the different strengths might be in oils. Good luck with your studying, witches!

These are in no particular order:

1) Horehound

Need to just get stuff done?

- provides mental clarity, gets rid of illusions, healing, and quick action

2) Rosemary

Need a study boost?

- boosts memory, and mental capacity

3) Peppermint

Have that one class you find yourself drifting off in?

- keeps you focused and energized to power through in school

4) Cinnamon

Pulling an all-nighter?

-balances mood, wards off fatigue

5) Sage

Have multiple assignments due?

- boosts multitasking, clarifies mental blocks

6) Tumeric

Wanna party?

-Detoxes, protects your brain from injury of alcohol (Disclaimer: Tumeric is just one way to help with the damage, not completely make it safe. Please consume legally and safely.

7) Thyme

Information just not sticking with you?

- boosts memory, helps with brain health, helps with learning

8) Green Tea

Feel a little down?

-Helps memory, helps overall health and wellness

9) Oregano

Feeling overwhelmed?

-Helps with mental stability, mental wellness, sleep, cognitive, appetite, decreases anxiety, helps memory and concentration

10) Lemon Balm

Desperate for some more brainpower?

- improves cognitive function

I hope this list helps someone out there!

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